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Consumer fliers
QS90353 - A household inventory—well worth the time
- Consumer flier on the importance of having a household inventory to support a claim. 1 page
QS90376 - Additional liability coverage is important
- A consumer flier outlining the exposures and need for a personal umbrella policy. 1 page
QS90358 - Affordable insurance for renters (06/12/14)
- A question-and-answer consumer piece that answers the most commonly asked questions about renters insurance and exposures of a tenant. 1 page
QS31374 - An explanation of New York's no-fault law and ATV PIP insurance benefits
- A consumer question-and-answer flier offering information on New York state no-fault coverage and how it applies to all-terrain vehicles. 1 page
QS31373 - An explanation of New York's no-fault law and motor vehicle PIP insurance benefits
- A consumer flier offered in a question-and-answer format that offers answers to the most commonly asked questions on New York no-fault personal injury protection benefits. 1 page
QS31375 - An explanation of New York's no-fault law and motorcycle PIP insurance benefits
- A consumer question-and-answer flier offering information on New York state no-fault coverage and how it applies to motorcycles. 1 page
QS90262 - Answers to questions you may have before going on vacation
- Consumer-oriented flier that answers questions clients may ask about insurance coverage for items while they are vacationing. 1 page
QS90270 - Are your holiday gifts covered?
- Answers to commonly asked questions on holiday gifts and their insurance implications. 1 page
QS31234 - Cell phone safety—driving home the importance (07/22/14)
- A consumer flier developed to alert consumers about cell phone use. 1 page
QS90351 - Crime prevention begins at home (07/14/14)
- Easy-to-understand consumer flier that addresses steps an insured can take in their home to reduce the chance of a theft. 1 page
QS90034 - Customer service survey
- Sample survey you can send to clients, copied on your agency letterhead, to allow them to rate your office service, policy information and claims-handling abilities. 1 page
QS31213 - Do I need a separate insurance policy for my boat?
- Overviews coverage needs of boaters and whether their existing homeowners policy will meet the need or if a separate policy is warranted. 1 page
QS90372 - Don't be tricked by Halloween fire hazards (07/14/14)
- Consumer flier that offers safety tips for trick-or-treaters. 1 page
QS90350 - Earthquake coverage not included in home or business insurance policies
- A consumer flier that addresses earthquake coverage options and applicable waiting periods. 1 page
QS90261 - Enjoy your summer without getting burned
- Safety issues consumers want to be aware of during the summer season. 1 page
QS90245 - Flood damage: is my home covered?
- A consumer piece that answers commonly asked questions about flood insurance. 1 page
QS90366 - Frozen pipes and other ice and snow damage
- An easy-to-understand consumer piece on coverages applicable when pipes freeze or other ice and snow damage occurs. 1 page
QS90357 - High-rise residents have unique fire precaution concerns
- Answers to questions a high-rise resident might have to ensure their proper evacuation from a burning building. 1 page
QS90364 - Homeowners insurance basics
- Question-and-answer consumer flier that addresses questions your homeowner insureds might ask. 1 page
QS90360 - How are insurance rates set?
- An easy-to-understand explanation of how insurance rates are determined for automobile insurance. 1 page
QS90359 - How to keep your vehicle safe from car thieves
- Offers tips for steps you can take to protect yourself from auto theft. 1 page
QS90363 - How to save money on auto insurance
- Tips for consumers on how they can save on their auto insurance rates. 1 page
QS90556 - Identity theft—who's been in your wallet?
- A consumer piece easily copied onto your agency letterhead outlining how to protect yourself from identity theft. 2 pages
QS90362 - Insuring your in-home business
- An easy-to-understand, consumer-oriented piece that addresses the coverage exposures when someone decides to open an in-home business. 1 page
QS90271 - It's winter—pay special attention to fire safety
- A consumer piece that deals with woodburning stoves and other holiday season safety issues. 1 page
QS31352 - New York state supplementary uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage
- A comprehensive question-and-answer piece on how your insureds can protect themselves from uninsured or underinsured drivers. 1 page
QS90386 - Not all property is equal when choosing the right insurance (07/25/14)
- Answers commonly asked questions regarding how to properly insure stamp collections, fine arts and jewelry. 1 page
QS90361 - Personal life insurance: The basics
- An easy-to-understand consumer piece that outlines the different types of life insurance policies and how premiums are determined. 1 page
QS90242 - Planning for the interruption of business operations due to a catastrophe
- A question-and-answer piece discussing business interruption insurance and how it applies during a catastrophe. 2 pages
QS90181 - Put safety first this summer—guidelines for boating and water safety
- Overviews safety issues for swimming and boating activities in a question-and-answer format. 1 page
QS90482 - Questions that business owners may have about their property loss claim following a catastrophic event (07/14/14)
- A consumer-oriented flier addressing post-catastrophe questions your clients may ask. 2 pages
QS90483 - Questions that homeowners may have about their property loss claim following a catastrophic event
- A consumer-oriented flier designed to answer commonly asked questions after a homeowner suffers a property loss. 2 pages
QS90368 - Replacement cost coverage: A wise investment
- An explanation of replacement cost coverage to allow consumers to make an informed decision when purchasing homeowners coverage. 1 page
QS31223 - Should I buy insurance from a rental car agency?
- A consumer flier, written in question-and-answer format, that discusses rental car coverage and how it applies. 1 page
QS90355 - The dangers of drunken driving
- A question-and-answer piece that outlines the warning signs of drunk drivers, information on hosting a party and how to protect yourself from drunk drivers. 1 page
QS31217 - Understanding New York excess-line policies
- Consumer flier that answers some of the commonly asked questions insureds ask when dealing with an excess and surplus line policy. 2 pages
QS90264 - What do I need to know about credit reports and scores? (07/25/14)
- A question-and-answer piece that answers commonly asked questions including what is a credit score, what's a good score to get, how long the information is kept and more. 2 pages
QS90367 - What to do if you're involved in an accident
- A consumer flier on what you should do if you have been involved in an accident and the appropriate information you should get to ensure a smooth claims process. 1 page
QS90375 - What you need to know about employment practices liability insurance
- Commonly asked questions on what EPLI covers, why it has become an issue and previous jury awards are answered in an easy-to-understand consumer flier. 1 page
QS90354 - What you need to know before becoming a volunteer (07/14/14)
- Answers to commonly asked questions consumers ask when deciding to volunteer for a nonprofit organization. 1 page
QS31131 - What you should consider before changing auto insurance companies
- Consumer piece that answers commonly asked questions an insured should consider when thinking of changing automobile insurance carriers. 2 pages
QS90275 - Winter driving tips (07/21/14)
- Tips all drivers can use when dealing with winter weather and impaired driving conditions. 1 page
QS90356 - Your homeowners policy and storm damage—what's covered? (07/21/14)
- A consumer flier answering commonly asked questions regarding how to protect your property from storm damage and what damages are covered under homeowners policies. 1 page
QS90374 - Your young drivers—help them play it safe (07/25/14)
- A consumer flier on the insurance exposures of teen drivers answering parent's commonly asked questions. 1 page

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