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Member Resources

PIA provides members with resources, advice and information that offer real savings in time and money. You're a member for a reason, and this is it. Take advantage of everything PIA has to offer.

  • Access experts

  • Ask PIA—A searchable database featuring hundreds of member questions answered by our highly-qualified technical specialists.
  • Associate Member Directory—A complete listing of PIA associate members that provide products and services to insurance agents and brokers.
  • Circle of Consultants—A referral program to industry professionals with expertise in all areas of agency operations, many giving PIA-member discounts.
  • E&O Assistance Hotline—Offers association members assistance with their E&O-related inquiries through PIA’s E&O Counsel, Robert M. Sullivan, Esq.
  • News and Publications—The single source for the information you need—e-mail reports, the acclaimed PIA Reporter and the award-winning PIA magazine.
  • QuickSource Document Library—PIA's extensive library of industry reference materials.
  • Technical Hotline—Submit a request here or call (800) 424-4244 to have your questions answered by our highly-qualified technical specialists.
  • Technology Hotline—Members can have their technology-related inquiries answered by nationally recognized consultants Steve Anderson, CIC, and Jason H. Hoeppner, CIC.
  • Agency development

  • Agents and Brokers E&O Risk Management Tool Kit—Offering you tips and tools on how to reduce your agency's E&O exposures to protect your business.
  • Agency Transition Program—A program that assists members in making contact with other agencies that are looking to buy, sell or merge insurance businesses.
  • Business Operations Tool Kit—Tools to help you maximize the value of your agency and take it to the next level.
  • Closing the Gap—Growth and Profit (PIA National)—Tools designed to help agencies project and plan for new business growth and profitability on a five-year basis.
  • Health Insurance Tool Kit—How does the Affordable Care Act affect you? Your resource for health-care reform, insurance health exchanges/certification and more.
  • Independent Agency Ownership of Expirations (PIA National)—A PIA National task force report assessing challenges and considerations for continuing action to ensure independent agency ownership of expirations.
  • Licensing/CE Compliance Central—Information about the latest licensing and CE rules and how they apply to you and your business.
  • Practical Guide to Successful Planning (PIA National)—An online reference and resource center to help agency planning efforts and coordination with the carriers they represent.
  • Steps to Success Tool Kit—Resources to build a successful agency from the ground up or to grow your existing agency.
  • Carriers/markets

  • BusinessLink™—A program helping companies, managing general agencies, general agencies and agencies looking for appointments to find each other.
  • Market Transition Tool Kit—Resources to help you educate your clients and agency staff on the changing market.
  • MarketBase™—Market leads for your hard-to-place risks—nearly 2,100 special risk categories from nearly 100 firms.
  • PIA Company Rating Tracking Service—Stay on top of the latest changes to your specific carriers' A.M. Best ratings through this exclusive PIA-member service.
  • Developing issues

  • Certificates Info Central—A one-stop shop for everything related to certificates of insurance.
  • Sharing-Economy Tool Kit—A one-stop shop for everything related to the new sharing economy that has emerged from the popularity of services such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and others.
  • Crisis planning and preparation

  • Agency Preparedness and Recovery Plan—A disaster tool kit with all the resources and information needed to create an agency-specific disaster plan.
  • Flood Insurance Tool Kit—Comprehensive reference materials to assist members in advising their clients about flood insurance.
  • Hurricane Info Central—A single source for all your hurricane-related information and resources.
  • Privacy Compliance Central—The latest on privacy laws and requirements, including a risk assessment survey to develop an agency-specific security program.
  • Storm Info Central—A single source for all your winter storm-related information and resources.
  • Marketing

  • Agency Marketing Tool Kit—Free marketing tools and strategies—including practical guides for marketing and PR, as well as samples sales letters, press releases and more.
  • The PIA Branding Program (PIA National)—Free marketing materials from PIA National, which PIA members can use to promote their businesses and the independent agency system.
  • Staffing/perpetuation

  • Agency Perpetuation Central (PIA National)—Resources to help members with agency perpetuation, business succession and ownership transfers.
  • Agency Staffing Assistance Program—A comprehensive tool kit designed to help members recognize, recruit, hire and train good employees.
  • “Careers in insurance” recruitment presentation—A recruitment presentation and other materials to help members educate local communities about the benefits of a career in insurance.
  • PIA HR Info Central—A Web-based human resources portal offering support and access to the latest human resources tools and legal compliance information.
  • Technology

  • ACORD Advantage Program—Offers access to ACORD’s Advantage Program offering free printable ACORD forms including instructions; or, as a paid subscriber, access to computer-fillable forms.
  • Technology Info Central—A one-stop shop for technology news, vendors and consumer information for members' Web sites.