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PIANY hails proposal to repeal state's mandatory photo inspections

Association says Zebrowski’s bill would save New Yorkers time, money on unnecessary insurance requirement

GLENMONT, N.Y.—The Professional Insurance Agents of New York State is commending Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski Jr., D-96, for introducing legislation (A.1312), this week to allow insurance carriers to give their policyholders the option to save time and money by eliminating the state’s outdated "photo inspection" rule, Regulation 79.

PIANY and insurance carriers have called for reform of the Regulation 79 mandatory photo inspection requirement for years, testifying that they receive and "warehouse" the photos; finding them completely useless. PIANY has testified that the requirement of taking and storing hard-copy photographs is outdated and therefore unnecessary, and the regulation has outlived its usefulness and should be repealed.

"The current regulation has outlived its usefulness and repealing it would be a service to both businesses and the insurance-buying public," said PIANY President John C. Parsons II, CIC, CPIA, AAI. "On top of the unnecessary expense, policyholders across the state have lost coverage for damages to their vehicle because photos were not taken even though their vehicles had been inspected, as required."

Parsons explained that, many times, inspection stations are closed or not available to take the pictures, and sometimes insureds merely forget to have the photos taken. In these situations, the insured has purchased coverage and paid their policy premium, but they would not be covered if their auto sustains physical damage, because their car was not fully inspected.

The association expects a corresponding bill to be introduced in the Senate.

PIANY is a trade association representing professional, independent insurance agencies, brokerages and their employees throughout the state.