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Women Mentoring Women

Continuing to Climb

Attendees work to establish an effective mentorship program

More than 60 insurance professionals attended the PIANJ Women’s Business Forum, Women Mentoring Women, Oct. 30, at the Palace in Somerset. The collaborative session—facilitated by Cynthia Heismeyer, vice president, director of marketing for Selective Insurance—focused on designing an ideal mentoring program. The program was broken down into several working sessions, starting with a brief review of Heismeyer’s discussion from a previous Women’s Business Forum she led last year (i.e., key components of a successful mentorship program; various program styles; and the essential qualities of a good mentor/mentee relationship). The conversation then discussed how to create a mentorship program and included interactive sessions, so the participants could see how to establish a valuable mentorship program in their agencies.

During the first interactive session, participants started with a warm-up exercise that showed how good ideas could be improved by better ones—despite time constraints. In the second interactive session, Heismeyer outlined the seven steps for creating an effective mentorship program: 1. the value proposition; 2. program goals and objectives; 3. roles and responsibilities; 4. selection criteria and matching method; 5. program implementation; 6. supporting documents and resources; and 7. program evaluation.

Afterward, the attendees were divided up into seven groups—each focusing on one of the outlined steps—so they could work to cluster ideas and create the best recommendations for their assigned step, which they then shared with all those who attended the forum.

For additional information on establishing a mentorship program, see the following links:  

PIANJ thanks both Heismeyer and all of the Women’s Business Forum attendees for their efforts in creating this framework for an effective mentorship program. PIANJ is planning its next Women’s Business Forum in the spring of 2020.

Women's Business Forum-Oct. 30, 2019

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