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PIA's Two-Minute Survey

Take our October Two-Minute Survey to help guide PIANJ’s legislative and regulatory priorities during the upcoming session.


  • Accurate quoting of automobile policies
  • Producer duty-of-care
  • Health fees
  • Compensation disclosure
  • Personal automobile step-down provisions

Please indicate your rating of priority for each of these issues by dragging and dropping them from the column on the left to the column on the right with the highest-priority issue at the top. Moreover, please identify any NEW legislative issues that you think would be appropriate (and meet our five criteria below);

  • The potential impact upon the financial health of insurance agents.
  • The potential to reduce impediments to agency operations and/or E&O exposures.
  • Its impact on the insurance-buying public.
  • The political feasibility of the legislation passing.
  • Other considerations specific to the bill or issues as identified by the committee.