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Change of administration

PIANJ 2019-2020 officers:

  • President: Bruce Blum, CPIA
  • President-elect: Steven C. Radespiel
  • Vice President: Michael DeStasio Jr., TRIP
  • Vice President: Thomas Wilkens
  • Treasurer: Constance Mahoney
  • Secretary: Andrew Harris Jr., CIC, AAI
  • Immediate past President: Lloyd H. “Rip” Bush Jr., CPIA

The following individuals were reelected to serve on the PIANJ board of directors for a three-year term, expiring in 2022: Robert Davies, CPIA, Mario Fernandez, Jocelyn Rineer, CIC, CLP, CIIP, and Thomas Wilkens. Newly elected to serve on the board for a three-year term expiring in 2022: Lydia Bashwiner, Esq., CWCP, NJWCP, Chris Gonzalez, CPCU, CIC, CRM, ChFC, AU, AAI, CISR, Lisa Hamm, CIC, and Logan True, CRIS.

Your 2019-20 PIANJ-YIP officers

  • President: Logan True, CRIS
  • First Vice President: Alyssa Delaney
  • Second Vice President: Peter Leone
  • Treasurer: Michael S. DeStasio
  • Secretary: Corey Cousoulis
  • Immediate past President: Aaron Levine, CIC

The following individuals will serve as directors with terms expiring in 2020: Ryan Cervasio, Corey Cousoulis, Michael S. DeStasio, Chris Gonzalez, CIC, CISR, CRM, CPCU, AAI, ChFC, AU, Peter Leone and Logan True, CRIS. The following individuals will serve as directors with terms expiring in 2021: Walter Conroy, John DeFeo, Alyssa Delaney, Bart DiMattina, Lisa Glesias, CPIA, Andrew Harris Jr., CIC, AAI, Tim Latimer, Aaron Levine, CIC, Kaiti Loughlin, Josh McManigal and Stephanie Wernick.

PIANJ officers and directors

PIANJ-YIP officers and directors