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Excess and surplus lines


Excess-line placements
I am having a very hard time placing a specialty line. I think I have found a market, but it is with an unauthorized company through an......


Excess-line tax filings
Do excess-line brokers have to file premium tax statements if they have placed no business?...


Binders and increased premiums
After coverage has been bound, may an unauthorized insurer increase the premium of a commercial property/casualty insurance policy that was......


Rules for accessing the excess-line market
For risks that do not automatically qualify for the excess-line market, I continue to hear somewhat conflicting information about the need for and......


Switch to excess-line carrier from New York-authorized carrier at renewal
A company has issued a conditional renewal notice on a commercial policy. The purpose of the conditional renewal is to require the renewal to be......


Excess-line renewal application
Some wholesale brokers advise that they do not require a new application for a policy’s renewal. We would prefer to get a signed renewal......


Excess-line minimum-earned premium
How are minimum-earned premiums handled in the New York state excess-line market?...


Declinations due to deficient coverage
Can I consider an authorized insurer’s failure to provide all aspects of the coverage requested by the applicant to be a declination, or......


Excess-line cancellation
What are the cancellation rules for excess-line policies? Can an excess-line insurer cancel a policy with a short-rate penalty?...


Excess-line placement—authorized offer
If I have received three declinations, but an authorized insurer has made an offer, can I place coverage with an unauthorized insurer in order to......


Massachusetts surplus-lines fees
What is the law on the maximum surplus-lines fee that can be charged in Massachusetts?...