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Guaranty associations


Insolvency protection—truckers policy
Does the New York Property/Casualty Insurance Security Fund have to provide the same liability limits required by federal endorsement MCS 90 on......


Life Insurance Company Guaranty Corp. overview
Can you explain the protections afforded to policyholders of insolvent life insurers?...


Out-of-state life insurers
The insurance company’s home office is in another state, but the company is licensed in New York. Are policyholders protected by New......


Insolvency protection for separate account variable annuities
For a separate account variable annuity contract (i.e., where the funds are invested separately from those of the company and the annuitant bears......


Insolvency protection—annuity benefits
A 401(k) plan includes a fixed interest option funded by a guaranteed investment contract issued by a life insurance company to the employer. Will......


Annuity benefit—insolvency protection caps
A husband and wife each have an annuity contract worth $500,000. Does the $500,000 cap on the protection of New York’s Life Insurance......


Guaranty fund for Health Maintenance Organizations
Is there a guaranty fund in New York state that would back Health Maintenance Organizations and nonprofit medical and dental indemnity or health......