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Service fees


Agents cannot charge service fees
Is it legal for an insurance agent to add a service fee to agency-billed premium invoices?...


New York state policy fees explained
We have been asked many times by insureds over the last two or three years what the New York state policy fees are for and where they go.......


Fees charged by general agents
I broker some of my business through a managing general agent. Is it permissible for the general agent to charge me a “policy fee”......


Consultative services
If I’m an insurance agent, can I charge a customer a fee for helping them collect a claim payment?...


General agent service fees
Can general agents charge service fees indirectly through subproducers?...


Wholesaler service fees
Can a wholesale insurance broker charge service fees?...


New York State Insurance Fund fees
On a piece of business written through the New York State Insurance Fund, is it permissible to charge a service fee to the client as we receive no......


Service fees
May an insurance agent or broker receive additional compensation under a written service fee agreement when placing life insurance?...


Charging fees in connection with health insurance
Does Section 2119 of the Insurance Law let an insurance producer charge fees in connection with health insurance?...