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Personal lines


Policy form substitution, ‘conditional renewal’ (personal lines)
One of my companies is substituting a different policy form (personal lines) upon renewal. The new form is eliminating some coverages. They......


Primary residence determination
Does PIA have anything on how to determine what is the primary residence for homeowners insurance and which location a vehicle should be registered?...


Advertising insurance ’discount’ misleading if refers to ’quasi group’ rate
Can a bank in New York advertise that its customers are eligible for a discount on the insurance products sold by the bank’s affiliated......


Customizing equipment endorsement
We have an insured with a conversion van that has an automatic lift to accommodate a handicapped individual. The company has added the Customizing......


Seawall damage
During a heavy windstorm, a dock broke loose from another property and crashed into a seawall on our client’s property. The owner of the......


Personal umbrellas and trusts
We have an insured who has put all his assets into a living trust. He has personal auto, homeowners, and umbrella policies with us. The company......