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Insurance fraud
Is it considered insurance fraud if an insured alters a certificate of insurance and gives it to a third party?...


Ponzi schemes—where clients can find coverage
In response to the fraudulent acts committed by Wall Street profiteer Bernard Madoff, some investment advisors/brokers told my clients who had......


Credit-card fraud
Is there some way to insure a business owner when a stolen credit card is used to purchase merchandise, typically, over the phone or internet? The......


Misrepresentation when submitting applications on behalf of clients to carriers
If I am aware of losses but do not disclose them to a carrier during the negotiation process or in submitting an application on behalf of a......


Misrepresentation when a client purposefully takes action to avoid reporting losses to carriers
My client is trying to change ownership of a home to avoid reporting losses. Could I be liable for fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of......