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Cancellation / nonrenewal issues


Renewal premium notices
What does the state say about the time frames for notifying insureds of renewal premium amounts on commercial policies?...


Premium-financed return premium
We have several trucking policies written through a managing general agent. They are telling us that when they return premiums on premium-financed......


Nonrenewals and curative attempts by the insured
If a carrier issues a legal and timely notice of nonrewal for failure to provide minimum information necessary to accurately rate the policy, does......


Return premium time frames, calculation
We have a brokerage agreement with a carrier that states nothing about when the carrier will return any unearned premium due the insured if the......


Notice of renewal premium
One of our carriers recently raised the insurance premium on a large contracting risk substantially. We don't know whether the contractor was......


Cancellation for nonpayment of audit premium, prior-year endorsements
Is it permissible for an insurance company to cancel a current policy for nonpayment of an audit premium on a prior policy?...


Cancellation of premium-financed policies
If a premium-finance company cancels a policy, is it necessary for a managing general agent to send a cancellation notice to the mortgagee?...


Agent advances premium, requests cancellation for nonpayment
Can the agent go ahead and notify certificate holders and additional named insureds when the agent has advanced the premium and then has to......


Renewal premium notice requirements—multi-state risks, exempt lines
We have a multi-state risk headquartered in New Jersey but with a couple of locations in New York. The company did not send advance warning of a......


Nonrenewals for bankruptcy of commercial client
Is it permissible for insurance company to nonrenew a commercial policyholder who has filed for bankruptcy?...


Premium payments/nonsufficient funds
I write commercial-lines policies and occasionally receive a premium payment check drawn on insufficient funds. My client’s action subjects......


Midterm cancellation
Can an insurer cancel a policy midterm for lack of supporting business?...


Conditional renewal notice for a commercial or homeowners risk
Is there a threshold for increasing the premium at renewal when an insurer must issue a conditional renewal notice on a commercial or homeowners risk?...


Claims inquiry should not be considered a claim
If an insured makes a claim inquiry on a policy, not filing a claim, but only asking a “what if” or hypothetical question, can the......


Bank fails to pay insurance premium
My client’s homeowners policy was canceled for nonpayment after the bank which holds the mortgage failed to pay the......


Nonrenewal—specific reason must be noted
Can an insurer nonrenew a policy for a reason that is not listed on a notice of nonrenewal?...


Block nonrenewals
We just received a notice from one of our carriers stating that they will begin to nonrenew all of their policies of a specific line of business.......


Unclaimed returned premiums
My agency has written returned premium checks to former clients, which have gone uncashed for quite some time. These clients have been unreachable......


Commercial-lines cancellation—short rate
My client got a commercial policy from a carrier but then we found a better rate for the same coverage elsewhere. He didn’t pay the first......


Which agent should sign the ACORD 35
When a client decides to change from one policy to another—firing the old agent and hiring a new agent—which agent should complete the......


Cancellation at policyholder’s request—effective date
Is a company required to cancel flat when the policyholder presents evidence that another policy was obtained for the same risk, and became......


Back dating a policy
After two years of a policy being in force, can an insured request to back date cancellation two years. The insured has stated he has a duplicate......


Nonpayment cancellation gap prevention
How does the effective time for nonpayment cancellation affect a policyholder who intends to make the payment on the cancellation date?...