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Off-premises collection needs license
We have become aware of a practice by a life insurance agency of letting paramedics pick up insurance premiums. Under this marketing program, the......


Payment of commissions
Whose responsibility is it to make sure that an agent is properly licensed to receive commission?...


Limited insurance representatives
What does the New Jersey limited-lines authority include?...


Personal bankruptcies
If a producer has filed for a personal bankruptcy, will this affect the renewal of the producer’s license?...


Changing name on insurance license
I’ve just had my divorce finalized and need to change my name on my insurance license back to my maiden name. How do I go about this process?...


Pennsylvania nonresident licensing
I’m a New Jersey producer and have a Pennsylvania nonresident individual producer’s license. I’d like to open an office in......


Licensee moving to New Jersey
I’m a New York-resident producer who also holds a nonresident producer license in New Jersey. I’m going to move to New Jersey and wish......


Pre-licensing—attorney exemption
We are a New Jersey property/casualty agency and are looking to hire someone who has a law license. Because of her education, she is exempt from......


Potential licensee—DWI conviction
We are looking to hire someone, send them to licensing school and, eventually, have them work for us as a producer. However, this prospective......


License suspended or revoked
When a New Jersey licensee has his or her license revoked or suspended, obviously he or she cannot engage in any work that requires licensure.......


Producer licensing—sealed criminal records
We are in the process of getting a new employee licensed. This employee has told us that he had a criminal record but that the record of this......


Signatures—agency employees
Is it permissible for our licensed employees to sign insurance applications on behalf of the agency?...


Do employees need to be licensed if the agency has a nonresident license?
Our firm has several nonresident licenses in our business name. The partners have corresponding personal nonresident licenses. Would there be any......


Branch offices
I am opening a satellite office with a small 10x10 office space with one employee. Is this considered a branch office and do I need to notify the......


Background checks
We have a company asking us to sign an authorization to do a criminal background check. The company says it is required by law to do them.......


Florida licensing requirements
I plan on moving to Florida but would like to stay active selling insurance. What do I need to do to become licensed there?...


Licensing exemptions when writing a multistate risk
Do I need to be licensed in every state where one of my commercial clients has a location? I am licensed and write the policy where the company......


National Insurance Producer Registry—license renewal
I’m an agency owner and listed as the responsible producer for my agency, and hold a valid property/casualty license. Why won’t the......


Soliciting door to door
I understood that my agent/broker/producer license gives me the authority to sell, negotiate and solicit insurance across my entire state.......


Licensing for Canada
What steps must I take to become licensed to sell insurance in Canada?...


Nonresident licensing—Hawaii
I work for an agency that operates under a business-entity license. I have the opportunity to handle an account in Hawaii, and need to know if I......


Branch offices in various states
If I must give up my New York and New Jersey resident licenses, how can I have branch or home offices in the three [Florida] states?...


Florida nonresident—receiving commissions
We have a producer in our office who is licensed in Florida as a nonresident. One of this producer’s clients is asking our agency to write a......


Citizenship requirements for licensing
Can a non-citizen be an insurance agent?...


Nonresident license in Virginia
Do I need to have domicile in Virginia in order to do business there as a nonresident agency?...