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Coverage issues


Binder time frames
What is the law in New Jersey with regard to the length of time allowed for binders?...


Fuel oil liability
I have an insured that just discovered a leak in their fuel tank. The forensic engineer stated that the leak first occurred 15 years ago and has......


ISO rules regarding service garage risks
Under ISO rules effective Sept. 1, 2002, in New Jersey, service garage risks are no longer eligible for a garage policy. How does this affect my......


Electric scooters
Does a homeowners policy cover your liability if you’re riding an electric scooter (one that doesn’t require a license) and causes......


Watercraft—diminished value
My client owns a marina. A boat was damaged and the insured is stating that he’s entitled to diminished value for the boat. I know New......


‘Insuring’ cell phones
Are third-party representatives authorized to insure my clients’ phones?...


DP-3—vacant property
On a DP-3 form, are there any exclusions that apply to the liability coverage, with respect to a vacant property? We understand the property......


Flu outbreak coverage
Is there any type of insurance available that covers a business in the event of a widespread flu outbreak?...


Condo mortgagee requests to be additional insured
We often receive requests from the unit owner of a condo that their mortgagee wants to be added as an additional insured on the condo......


Coinsurance on a business income policy
What does the coinsurance value of 125% on a business policy mean?...


ISO stated amount endorsement
According to the terms of the ISO Stated Amount personal or commercial auto endorsement, can a claims settlement be less than the stated amount......


Additional Living Expenses coverage on a seasonal or secondary location
How does Additional Living Expense coverage react in the case where the loss occurs at a seasonal or secondary location?...


Damage from riots
Is damage from riots covered on a businessowners or property coverage policy?...


Business interruption—riots
Is there coverage for business interruption caused by rioting?...


Business interruption—curfew
Will business interruption coverage apply to income losses resulting from the orders of curfew?...


Vacancy vs. unoccupancy
Can you explain the difference between vacancy and unoccupancy?...