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Certificates of insurance


Certificates—principals excluded
Should certificates of insurance indicate whether a principal (that is a sole proprietor, partner, or member) has not elected coverage on the......


New Jersey Certificates of Insurance Law
I have a client whose business is located in New Jersey, but will be doing a job in another state. Does the New Jersey Certificate of Insurance......


Certificates—contract requires less coverage
My client has entered into a contract to do work that requires them to carry a minimum of $1 million worth of coverage. However, my......


Warranties of coverage
I have a client who is a subcontractor. The client has asked that in addition to a certificate of insurance I provide them with a document......


Certificates of insurance
Many of my clients are subcontractors, and are being requested by the general contractor to have certificates of insurance that sometimes go......


Certificates—listing exclusions
We frequently are asked to issue a certificate of insurance for contractors. If there are excluded operations (e.g., roofing), should these be......


BAP additional insured
Suppose a certificate holder requests additional insured coverage on the business automobile policy, as well as the general liability policy. Can......


CGL blanket additional insured endorsement
Do the ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage Form (CG 00 01) and a proprietary blanket additional insured endorsement satisfy the following......


Primary language on certificates
If “primary” coverage is already built into most subcontractors’ general liability policies, why won’t their insurance......


Certificate—how much information is enough under certificates of insurance
When issuing a certificate of insurance, how much information about the insured’s coverages do we need to list on the certificate? For......


Automatic additional insured
If we indicate that a contractor is an additional insured on a certificate of insurance and there is an automatic additional insured endorsement......


Certificates—midterm change in limits
In these economic times, we have a number of clients looking to reduce their umbrella limit on a midterm basis. We have issued certificates......


‘Sample’ certificate of insurance
We have an insured asking for a “sample” certificate of insurance. He does not want a certificate holder listed and intends to deliver......


Certificate holders
My client has insurance to do business as a drywaller and gave a certificate of insurance to a general contractor. She recently had her policy......