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Disability offset
We have an insured who is disabled due to an automobile accident. He had selected Additional Personal Injury Protection—Option 5. He is......


Uninsured motorists property damage coverage deductible
We have a client who has a $2,000 deductible on collision coverage and the mandatory $500 deductible on uninsured motorists property damage. She......


Coverage for bike-car accident
While my insured was out riding his bike, he hit and damaged a car. Which policy pays: his automobile or his homeowners?...


After-market parts
What are the rules governing the use of after-market parts in New Jersey?...


Agricultural license
We have an insured whose 16-year-old son is taking a road test for a special farm license he says allows him to exclusively drive from home to the......


Extended rental period
My client has two cars insured on a personal automobile policy. His son is away at college, so the two vehicles have been adequate for him and his......


Rental for business use
My insured is renting a van for a business trip. Does he have liability and physical damage coverage under his personal auto policy?...


Bait-and-switch activities
I lost a client to a direct writer who offered them a lower rate on their auto policy then I could. However, shortly after the policy was bound,......


Resident family member
My clients insure a vehicle, used by their son at college, on a personal auto policy. The parents are planning to leave the country for two years.......


Damage to vehicle from shifting load
My insured was driving his pickup when he was forced to stop quickly. Equipment in the bed of the truck shifted forward, damaging the cab. Under a......


Joint ownership coverage endorsement
Could you clarify what the Joint Ownership Coverage (PP 03 34) endorsement to the Insurance Services Office Personal Auto Policy is designed to do?...


Betterment clause
In an auto physical damage claim, the insurer wants to use non-original equipment manufacturer parts and the claimant does not want them. So, the......


Coverage not terminated by plate surrender
Our insured’s vehicle was hit while parked. We reported the loss to the negligent party’s carrier to collect on a third-party basis.......


BAP Symbol 7 newly acquired auto coverage
Our insured has an automobile policy written with Symbol 7 for comprehensive coverage in the ISO Business Auto Coverage Form. If a comprehensive......


Renters with no auto policy
I recently read about a Florida law (Section 627.7263), that allows the rental company to make a renter’s personal auto policy primary with......


Falling object
As a car is driving down the highway behind a truck, something flies off the truck. The car can’t avoid the object and runs over it, causing......


Lawful auto rate discrimination
How can auto insurance companies discriminate and charge different rates for credit, age, gender, etc.? Is that really legal?...


Travel trailers
I have two insureds that have pickup trucks insured under a business auto policy in their business name. They also use these trucks to pull their......


Rental for business use
My insured is renting a van for a business trip. Does he have liability and physical damage coverage under his personal auto policy?...


Zipcars and employees
My client’s law firm directs its employees to use Zipcars when attending meetings. How is this covered on the commercial automobile policy?...


Title with salvage brand
My client’s auto was totaled in an accident. The insurer is discounting the value of the auto because its title has been “salvage......


Non-owned auto coverage—employee’s auto
Is there an exclusion on a commercial auto policy for the business owner/employee who uses his own vehicle to travel between offices, or uses his......


Transgender operators
How does a producer address transgender operators when placing auto insurance?...


Physical damage coverage for valet parking
I saw Ask PIA 900241—Coverage for valet parking on your website, which discussed only liability coverage for a rented vehicle. What about......