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Company visits

PIANJ meets with FMI

Members of PIANJ’s Business Issues Committee and PIANJ leadership met with Brian Lytwyec, president and CEO of Franklin Mutual Insurance, and Donna Chiapperino, FMI’s director of business development and past president of PIANY, on June 9, 2019, during the PIANJ/PIANY Annual Conference in Atlantic City, N.J.

The productive meeting focused primarily on how FMI is integrating new technology into its products and using data to make business decisions, as well as how it impacts independent producers and their clients.

Lytwyec and Chiapperino provided updates on the investments in technology FMI has been making to assist policyholders. Some of those investments have been rolled out and they have allowed the company to collect anecdotes and data to help further innovations. PIANJ representatives provided feedback on their experiences with the technological changes and ask how the data will continue to drive FMI’s decisions. Lytwyec and Chiapperino emphasized the role independent producers play in helping consumers understand new technology and how to use the technology to best protect their homes.

The meeting provided the opportunity for PIANJ to discuss the interests and concerns of independent producers in New Jersey with an important partner of PIANJ and independent producers throughout the state. The conversation allowed PIANJ to hear how FMI is approaching the modern insurance market and voice the perspectives of independent producers in those developments.

PIANJ was represented by President Bruce Blum, CPIA; President-elect Steven C. Radespiel; Vice Presidents Mike DeStasio Jr., and Thomas Wilkens; Treasurer Connie Mahoney; Business Issues Committee Chair and Director Aaron Levine, CIC; Business Issues Committee Vice Chair and PIANJ-YIP President Logan True, CRIS; and Director Lisa Hamm. PIA National President and PIANJ past President Keith A. Savino, CPIA, also attended the meeting.

L-R: PIA National President and PIANJ past President Keith A. Savino, CPIA; PIANJ Vice President Thomas Wilkens; PIANJ Director Lisa Hamm; PIANJ Treasurer Connie Mahoney; Franklin Mutual Insurance President and CEO Brian Lytwyec; Franklin Mutual Insurance Director of Business Development and PIANY past President Donna Chiapperino, CIC; PIANJ President Bruce Blum, CPIA; PIANJ Director Aaron Levine, CIC; PIANJ Vice President Michael DeStasio Jr.; PIANJ President-elect Steven C. Radespiel; PIANJ-YIP President Logan True.