2015 PIA Agency/Company Benchmark

This brief questionnaire will help PIA identify those carriers’ products/services, which you feel are the most important to your agency’s business practices. Please rank their importance to you, with 1 being the least important to 10 being the most important.
    Your state
    Your primary position/job function
Part I—Company Performance Items

1) Products and pricing

  i)   Competitive pricing
  ii)   Product diversity
  iii)   Superior coverage

2) Treatment of agents

  i)   Listens, responds to agents
  ii)   Communicates clearly, honestly
  iii)   Competitive compensation
  iv)   Dedicated to agency system

3) Marketing

  i)   Advertises, recognized brand
  ii)   Offers co-marketing programs
  iii)   Funds agency marketing
  iv)   Sales training

4) Technology

  i)   Easy, intuitive functionality
  ii)   Agency training and support
  iii)   Real Time–enabled—Personal
  iv)   Real Time–enabled—Commercial
  v)   Download works well—Personal
  vi)   Download works well—Commercial
  vii)   Enables comparative rating

5) Claims handling

  i)   Pays claims promptly
  ii)   Adjusts claims fairly

6) Service

  i)   Few errors
  ii)   Resolves issues quickly
  iii)   Provides go-to person
  iv)   Productive agency visits

7) Underwriting

  i)   Stable market
  ii)   Flexible when warranted
  iii)   Speedy decisions
  iv)   Consistent underwriting
  v)   Underwriter knowledge, experience
  vi)   Agency has go-to underwriter(s)

8) Other characteristics

  i)   Superior financials
  ii)   National in scope
  iii)   Top management accessible
  iv)   No direct sales channel
  v)   Customer service center
Part II—Company Relationship Criteria

9) Relationship criteria

  i)   Products & pricing
  ii)   Treatment of agents
  iii)   Marketing
  iv)   Technology
  v)   Claims handling
  vi)   Service
  vii)   Underwriting
  viii)   Financial strength