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PIA staff directory

Accounting and Personnel

  • Kathy McNessor

    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Operations Officer

  • Cherri Dickinson

    Accounting Manager

  • Mary Mccreary

    Accounting Coordinator

  • Gloria Kuhn

    Human Resource Manager

  • Kelly Hanlon

    Accounting Assistant - Membership


  • Jeff Parmenter CPCU, ARM

    President & CEO

  • Ann Wordelmann

    Executive Assistant

  • Kelly K. Norris, CAE

    Executive Director


  • Katherine S. Morra

    Director of Communications

  • Jaye Czupryna

    Publications Manager/Editor-in-Chief

  • Jeana Coleman

    Marketing Specialist

  • Darel Cramer

    Communications Assistant

  • Matthew McDonough

    Writer & Content Curator in Communications

  • Athena Cancio

    Marketing Manager

  • David Cayole

    Graphic Designer

  • Patricia Corlett

    Creative Manager

  • Kordelia Hutans

    Advertising Sales Representative

  • Damon Whimple

    Graphic Designer

Education and Conferences

  • Kimberly Zeoli, CAE, CISR, CPIA

    Director of Education/Conference/YIP Operations

  • Ashley Hoogkamp

    YIP and Education Meeting Coordinator

  • Kelly O'Connell

    Education Manager

  • Vera Ragone

    Education/Conference/YIP Financial and Operations Manager

  • Haley Simpson

    Conference Operations Assistant

  • Mia Graziano

    YIP and Education Meeting Coordinator

  • Jillian Krynski, CMP

    Senior YIP and Education Meeting Coordinator

  • Victoria Quackenbush

    Education and Conference Operations Assistant

  • Shauna Rockwell

    Education Meeting and NYYIP Events Coordinator

  • Kim Zielinski

    Conference Manager


  • Bradford J. Lachut, Esq.

    Director of Government & Industry Affairs

  • Danielle N. Caswell, Esq.

    Associate Counsel

  • Theophilus Alexander

    Government & Industry Affairs Specialist

  • Dan Corbin CPCU, CIC, LUTC

    Director of Research

Industry Resource Center

  • Shirley Albright, CPIA, CISR

    Director of Industry Resource Center

  • Rosemary D. Fatato, CPIA, CISR

    Senior Resource Center Representative

  • Helen K. Horn, CIC, CPIA, CISR

    Industry Resource Representative

  • Kimberly Csizmadia

    Industry Resource Representative

  • Mary Ellen Hern

    Industry Resource Center Government Administrative Assistant


  • Scott Dickinson

    Director of IT

  • Dylan Thorwell

    Web Developer

  • Cortney Oliphant

    Technical Quality Analyst

  • Mark Tidd

    Computer Specialist

Member Services

  • Jeff Avella

    Director of Membership

  • Pamela Sheldon, CPIA

    Benefits and Compliance Manager

  • Susan Derway

    Member Services Support Assistant

  • Alan Gordineer, CPIA

    Licensed Sales Executive

  • Laurie Parmenter

    Special Project Manager

  • Deb Schaeffer

    Renewal Specialist

  • Michaele Southard, CPIA

    Administrative Assistant

  • Renee Grenier, CISR

    Commercial Lines Supervisor

  • Stephanie Y. Smith, CISR, CPIA

    Director of Sales, PIA Northeast

  • Esmerelin Florencio-Oliphant

    Administrative Assistant

  • Ashley Lillie

    Renewal Specialist

  • Carrie Santore

    E&O and Member Retention Rep

  • Susan Shapiro

    Worker’s Comp Rep & E&O Renewal Rep

Printing and Mailing

  • Curtis Apple

    Director of Operations

  • Robert Merrill

    Print Maintenance Technician