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Awards luncheon

MetroRAP Chair Leslie Rogoff recognized those who have contributed to the insurance industry during the presentation of PIANY’s Industry Professional of the Year award to Steven Calick, marketing manager, Imperial PFS/Capitol Payment Plan; and the Executive of the Year award to Joseph Headd, CPCU, ARM, regional director, business lines New York and New Jersey Liberty Mutual Insurance. These awards recognize individuals in the insurance industry who demonstrate a strong working relationship with agents and brokers, and who exemplify a commitment to professionalism.

“I’ve been very lucky—especially when it comes to the amazing people I have in my life,” Calick said during his acceptance speech. Calick thanked his wife, co-workers and close friends for having his back throughout his career; including Jerry Fastman, who gave Calick his first job straight out of college. “I either worked for, or worked with, Jerry for the past 26 years,” Calick said. “If I said that the business professional I am today is because of him, it would really be shortchanging our relationship. Jerry is really a big factor to the father I am today, to the husband I am today, and to the person I am today.”

“I really feel as though getting this award, I’m representing the people I work with,” Headd said accepting his award. Headd commended the success of Liberty Mutual and their business in New York City, as well as thanked his co-workers for their hard work. “It’s a pretty tough group—‛Insurance Executive of the Year’ is not a title that I can share around the office very comfortably—I don’t think I’d get away with it for very long,” Headd said. “I know, they know, that I know that it’s not really me, it’s them.”

Rogoff and PIANY past President Shelly Kozel presented the Bernard I. Kozel Memorial scholarships to Kevin O’Neil and Timothy McGrath, who are both from Marian Farese Insurance. This scholarship, which is dedicated to the memory of Bernard I. Kozel, a longtime member of the insurance profession, will provide each individual with tuition for two Certified Insurance Service Representative seminars conducted by PIANY.

Calick accepts the Industry Professional of the Year award during MetroRAP. Headd accepts the Executive of the Year award during MetroRAP. Timothy McGrath (center) accepts a Bernard I. Kozel Memorial scholarship from Shelly Kozel (left) and Leslie Rogoff (right). Kevin O’Neil (center) accepts a Bernard I. Kozel Memorial scholarship from Leslie Rogoff (left) and Shelly Kozel (right).