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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
3270Tack Mfg.  
4902Tackle and Fishing Rod Mfg. 
2503Tailoring or Dressmaking- Custom - Exclusively
3620Tank Building - Metal - Shop    
1463Tar or Asphalt Distilling or Refining & Drivers    
3685Taximeter or Speedometer Mfg.
8871Telecommuter Clerical Employees   
8871Telecommuter Drafting Employees   
8901Telephone or Telegraph Co.: - Office or Exchange Employees & Clerical  
3681Telephone, Television, Radio or Telecommunications Device Mfg. NOC
7610Television or Radio Broadcasting Station - All Employees - & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers    
9519Television or Radio Set Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers 
3681Television, Radio, Telephone or Telecommunications Device Mfg. NOC
9065Tennis Club & Clerical  
2576Tent or Awning Mfg. - Shop Only   
4053Terra Cotta Mfg.   
5348Terrazzo, Mosaic, Stone or Tile Work - Inside  
2413Textile - Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing   
2305Textile Fiber Mfg. - Synthetic   
3515Textile Machinery Mfg.  
9149Theater - Drive-In - All Employees & Drivers    
9158Theatrical Production in Which Any Players or Entertainers Dance, Skate or Perform Acrobatic Acts: - All Other Employees   
9159Theatrical Production NOC: - Players, Entertainers or Musicians    
3685Thermometer Mfg.
2416Thread or Yarn Dyeing or Finishing  
2302Thread or Yarn Mfg. - cotton, linen or silk  
8232Tie, Post or Pole Yard & Drivers   
4024Tile or Earthenware Mfg. NOC & Drivers    
5348Tile, Stone, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work - Inside  
3372Tinning or Galvanizing    
8391Tire Dealer - Automobile - & Drivers 
2172Tobacco, Cigar or Cigarette Mfg.    
3126Tool Mfg. - Agricultural, Construction, Logging, Mining, Oil or Artesian Well  
3110Tool Mfg. NOC - Drop or Machine Forged: - Forging    
3114Tool Mfg. NOC - Drop or Machine Forged: - Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations  
3113Tool Mfg. NOC - Not Drop or Machine Forged 
2594Towel, Linen, Uniform or Apron Rental and Cleaning Company & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
8032Towel, Linen, Uniform or Apron Supply Company 
3507Traction Engine or Power Plow Mfg.   
9029Trailer or Mobile Home Park    
0042Tree Spraying, and/or Fumigating & Drivers  
7219Trucking: - Trucking Explosives or Ammunition - All Employees - & Drivers     
7219Trucking: - Trucking NOC - All Employees - & Drivers     
7197Trucking: - Trucking Parcels or Packages - Home Delivery From Retail Stores - & Drivers    
2683Trunk Mfg.  
9019Tunnel (Vehicular) or Bridge Operations & Drivers    
2302Twine, Cord or Rope Mfg. - cotton, linen or silk  
2913Twisted Fiber, Rattan or Willow Products Mfg.   
3336Type Foundry    
3548Typesetting Machinery Mfg.  
3574Typewriter Mfg.
2383Typewriter Ribbon or Carbon Paper Mfg.