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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
2578Sack or Bag Mfg. - Cloth   
4902Saddle or Harness Mfg. 
3507Safe Mfg. Or Repairing   
2576Sail Making   
8742Salespersons - Inside
8742Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers - Outside
4568Salt, Borax or Potash Producing or Refining & Drivers    
8263Salvage Operations - No Wrecking - & Drivers    
4298Sample Card Mfg.   
2737Sash, Door or Assembled Millwork Mfg. & Drivers   
3060Sash, Door or Door Frame Mfg. - Wood - Metal Covered    
8235Sash, Door or Finished Millwork Dealer & Drivers  
5213Satellite Dish Installation: - Concrete Pouring    
5190Satellite Dish Installation: - Electrical Wiring Within Buildings & Drivers  
2095Sausage or Sausage Casing Mfg.  
3118Saw Mfg.   
5403Scaffolds - Outrigger - Installation, Repair or Removal   
3724Scales - Installation or Adjustment:Platform or Beam Type & Drivers     
9101School: - All Other Employees & Drivers 
8868School: - Professional Employees & Clerical 
3145Screw Mfg.  
8264Second-Hand Dealer - Bottle, Paper Stock, Rag or Rubber - & Drivers   
8102Seed Merchant  
5183Sewer - Cleaning - of Building Connections Using Portable Equipment - & Drivers  
3561Sewing Machine Mfg.   
3724Sewing Machine Mfg.     
3724Sewing Machine-Commercial:Repairing, Installing, and Dismatling in Sewing Plants & Drivers     
2841Shade Roller Mfg. - Wood  
3832Sheet Metal Airplane Parts Mfg.    
3066Sheet Metal Work - Shop Only  
3067Sheet Metal Work - Shop Only    
5538Sheet Metal Work Erection, Installation or Repair NOC - Shop or Outside - & Drivers    
5445Sheet Rock Installation - Within Buildings - & Drivers   
3620Ship Building - Iron or Steel NOC: - Boilermaking    
3632Ship Building - Iron or Steel NOC: - Machine Shop - Other than Maintenance Machine Shop 
7999Ship Chandler - Wholesale  
2501Shirt Mfg.
2688Shoe Findings Mfg.  
2790Shoe Form or Last Mfg.  
2660Shoe or Boot Mfg. NOC 
4282Shoe or Boot Pattern Mfg. 
9585Shoe Repair Shop  
9585Shoe Shine Shop  
2688Shoe Stock Mfg.  
9180Shooting Gallery & Drivers    
2501Shoulder Pad Mfg.
8747Showroom Salespersons    
2841Shuttle Mfg.  
5648Siding Installation - Aluminum, Plastic or Vinyl - & Drivers    
3064Sign Mfg. or Repair - Metal - Shop Only 
9501Sign Painting or Lettering in Buildings & Drivers 
9553Sign Painting or Lettering on Buildings or Structures & Drivers    
2303Silk Throwing and Weaving   
3381Silverware Mfg.   
0042Silviculture & Drivers  
3146Skate Mfg.  
1439Smelting - Electric Process    
1438Smelting, Sintering or Refining - Metals - Not Iron or Lead - NOC - & Drivers    
1430Smelting, Sintering or Refining Lead & Drivers    
3634Soda Water Fountain or Apparatus Mfg.  
3685Speedometer or Taximeter Mfg.
6504Spice Mills  
3132Spike Mfg. 
4439Spirit Varnish or Lacquer Mfg.    
2157Spirituous Liquor Bottling & Drivers   
4902Sporting Goods Mfg. NOC 
3303Spring Mfg.   
3634Sprinkler Head Mfg.  
5188Sprinkler Installation & Drivers   
4251Stationery Mfg.
7570Steam Heating or Power Co. - All Employees - & Drivers    
3685Steam or Air Pressure Gauge Mfg.
3507Steam Shovel, Dredge or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC   
8726Steamship Line or Agency - Port Employees: - Superintendents, Captains, Engineers, Stewards or Their Assistants, Pay Clerks    
8719Steamship Line or Agency - Port Employees: - Talliers, Checking Clerks and Employees Engaged in Mending or Repacking of Damaged Containers: - Coverage Under State Act Only    
8709Steamship Line or Agency- Port - Employees: - Talliers, Checking Clerks and Employees Engaged in Mending or Repacking of Damaged Containers: - Coverage under U.S. Act    
8106Steel or Iron Merchant & Drivers    
8265Steel or Iron Scrap Dealer & Drivers    
8719Stevedoring: - Talliers and Checking Clerks Engaged in Connection with Stevedore Work: - Coverage under State Act Only    
8709Stevedoring: - Talliers and Checking Clerks Engaged in Connection with Stevedore Work: - Coverage under U.S. Act    
1809Stone Cutting or Polishing - Marble or Limestone - & Drivers    
1810Stone Cutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers    
5348Stone or Marble Setting - Inside  
5348Stone, Mosaic, Terrazzo or Tile Work - Inside  
8291Storage Warehouse - Cold  
8292Storage Warehouse NOC  
7999Stores: - Auto Parts and Accessories Store - Wholesale  
8046Stores: - Automobile Accessories Store NOC - Retail - & Drivers
8043Stores: - Bagel Shops - Retail  
8072Stores: - Book, Record, Compact Disk, Software, Video or Audio Cassette - Retail
8008Stores: - Clothing or Wearing Apparel Store - Retail
8032Stores: - Clothing or Wearing Apparel Store - Wholesale 
8006Stores: - Coffee, Tea or Spice Store - Retail
8034Stores: - Coffee, Tea or Spice Store - Wholesale  
8006Stores: - Dairy Products Store - Retail
8034Stores: - Dairy Products Store - Wholesale  
8006Stores: - Delicatessen Store - Retail
8039Stores: - Department Store - Retail - & Salespersons, Clerical
8017Stores: - Drug or Cigar Store - No Service of Food - Retail
8043Stores: - Drug or Cigar Store - Retail - Including Service of Food - Not Restaurants  
8047Stores: - Drug Store - Wholesale 
8017Stores: - Dry Cleaning or Laundry Collecting or Distributing Store
8017Stores: - Dry Cleaning or Laundry Store - Self-Service
8008Stores: - Dry Goods Store - Retail
8032Stores: - Dry Goods Store - Wholesale 
8001Stores: - Florist Store & Drivers
8006Stores: - Frozen or Frosted Food Store - Retail
8034Stores: - Frozen or Frosted Food Store - Wholesale  
8006Stores: - Fruit or Vegetable Store - Retail
8048Stores: - Fruit or Vegetable Store - Wholesale 
8044Stores: - Furniture Store - Wholesale or Retail - & Drivers
4310Stores: - Greeting Card Dealer - Wholesale  
8006Stores: - Grocery Store - Retail
8034Stores: - Grocery Store - Wholesale  
7998Stores: - Hardware Store - Retail  
7999Stores: - Hardware Store - Wholesale  
8105Stores: - Hide or Leather Dealer  
8013Stores: - Jewelry Store
8032Stores: - Linen, Towel, Uniform or Apron Supply Company 
8021Stores: - Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer - Wholesale 
8031Stores: - Meat, Fish or Poultry Store - Retail
8043Stores: - Retail Store NOC - Including Service of Food - Not Restaurants  
8008Stores: - Shoe Store - Retail
8032Stores: - Shoe Store - Wholesale 
8033Stores: - Supermarket - Retail 
8018Stores: - Wholesale Store NOC
8017Stores: Retail Store NOC - No Service of Food
7999Stores: Ship Chandler - Wholesale  
5428Storm Door, Storm Sash, Screens or Weather Stripping Installation    
3169Stove Mfg.  
5506Street or Road Construction: - Paving or Repaving & Drivers    
5507Street or Road Construction: - Sub-Surface Work & Drivers    
3507Street or Road Making Machinery Mfg.   
5022Stucco or Plastering Work - On Outside of Buildings    
2021Sugar Refining   
4693Surgical or Pharmaceutical Goods Mfg. NOC  
2501Suspender Mfg.
4751Synthetic Rubber Mfg.    
2021Syrup or Molasses Refining, Blending or Mfg.