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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
8755Labor Union - All Employees    
2388Lace Mfg.
4439Lacquer or Spirit Varnish Mfg.    
3191Lamp or Lantern Mfg.: - All Other Operations   
3190Lamp or Lantern Mfg.: - Assembly & Finishing   
0042Landscape Gardening & Drivers  
2790Last or Shoe Form Mfg.  
5443Lathing & Drivers    
2591Laundry or Dry Cleaning - Commercial - & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
2590Laundry or Dry Cleaning - Retail - & Route Salespersons, Drivers 
8017Laundry or Dry Cleaning Collecting or Distributing Store
8017Laundry or Dry Cleaning Store - Self-Service
8820Law Office - All Employees - & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers
1430Lead Mfg. & Drivers    
3027Lead Works & Drivers    
3724Leather Belting Installation or Repair & Drivers     
2688Leather Belting Mfg.  
2640Leather Embossing    
2688Leather Goods Mfg. NOC  
4493Leather Mfg. - Imitation  
2623Leather Mfg. - Patent or Enamel    
4150Lens Mfg. - Ground
8800Letter Service Shop
2594Linen, Towel, Uniform or Apron Rental and Cleaning Company & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
8032Linen, Towel, Uniform or Apron Supply Company 
2501Lingerie Mfg.
4491Linoleum Mfg.    
4361Linotype or Hand Composition - All Employees - & Drivers
7201Livery or Boarding Stable - Not Sales Stable - & Drivers    
3507Locomotive Works   
3515Loom Harness or Reed Mfg.  
4251Loose-Leaf Ledger or Notebook Mfg.
2683Luggage Mfg.  
8232Lumber Yard - No Second-Hand Materials - & Local Managers, Drivers