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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
4024Earthenware or Tile Mfg. NOC & Drivers    
3191Electric Lighting Fixture, Lantern or Lamp Mfg.: - All Other Operations   
3190Electric Lighting Fixture, Lantern or Lamp Mfg.: - Assembly & Finishing   
3643Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.    
3724Electrical Apparatus Installation or Repair & Drivers     
3179Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC 
3737Electrical Apparatus Repair or Servicing at Customers Premises & Drivers    
3681Electrical Cord Set, Radio or Ignition Harness Assembly
5190Electrical Wiring - Within Buildings - & Drivers  
5160Elevator Erection or Repair    
8731Elevator Inspecting    
3042Elevator or Escalator Mfg.    
2388Embroidery Mfg.
3827Engine Mfg. - Automobile   
3612Engine Mfg. NOC  
8601Engineer or Architect - Consulting  
3737Equipment or Machinery Repair or Servicing at Customers Premises NOC & Drivers    
3042Escalator or Elevator Mfg.    
4628Essential Oils Mfg. & Distillation   
6217Excavation NOC & Drivers    
8809Executive Officers NOC - Not Foreman, Workers or Salespersons  
5606Executive Supervisor - Contractor    
9055Exercise or Health Institute   
3632Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.: - Projectile or Shell Mfg. 
9014Exterminator & Drivers  
4628Extract Mfg.   
3270Eyelet Mfg.