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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
6017Dam or Lock Construction: - Concrete Work & Drivers in Connection with Dams or Locks - All Types    
4692Dental Laboratory
8832Dentist & Clerical
5403Derrick or Oil Rig Erection or Dismantling - Applies to Rigs or Derricks of Wood   
3384Diamond Cutting or Polishing  
2594Diaper Service & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
1925Die Casting Mfg.    
8831Dog Show: - Kennel Employees & Drivers  
2501Doll Clothing or Cloth Dolls or Cloth Parts Mfg.
4475Doll or Doll Parts Mfg. - Plastic   
0042Domestic Service Contractor - Outside - & Drivers  
0908Domestic Workers: - Inside - Occasional    
5102Door, Door Frame or Sash Erection - Metal or Metal Covered   
3060Door, Door Frame or Sash Mfg. - Wood - Metal Covered    
2737Door, Sash or Assembled Millwork Mfg. & Drivers   
8235Door, Sash or Finished Millwork Dealer & Drivers  
2003Doughnut or Cruller Mfg. - Not at Retail Shops - Route Salespersons, Route Supervisors & Drivers  
9072Doughnut Shops - Retail
8810Drafting Employees
8871Drafting Telecommuter Employees   
6229Drainage or Irrigation System Construction & Drivers    
3507Dredge, Steam Shovel or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC   
4038Dress Form Mfg.  
4282Dress Pattern Mfg. - Paper 
2503Dressmaking or Tailoring - Custom - Exclusively
6204Drilling NOC & Drivers    
7380Drivers and Helpers NOC - Commercial 
4611Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation - No Mfg. of Ingredients   
4825Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation Mfg. - Includes Mfg. of Ingredients   
2591Dry Cleaning or Laundry - Commercial - & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
2590Dry Cleaning or Laundry - Retail - & Route Salespersons, Drivers 
8017Dry Cleaning or Laundry Collecting or Distributing Store
8017Dry Cleaning or Laundry Store - Self-Service