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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
2883Cabinet Mfg. - Wood - For Audio or Visual Devices 
2881Cabinet Work - No Power Woodworking Machinery
2818Cabinet Work - With Power Machinery   
2816Cabinet Work - With Power Machinery   
2817Cabinet Work - With Power Machinery   
5429Cabinet Work Installation   
7536Cable Installation & Divers    
4470Cable Mfg. - Insulated Electrical    
1924Cable Mfg. Or Wire Drawing - Not Iron or Steel   
3257Cable or Wire Rope Mfg. - Iron or Steel  
1438Calcium Carbide Mfg. & Drivers    
9048Camp Operation - Recreational or Educational - All Employees - & Drivers    
3220Can Mfg.  
4710Candle Mfg.   
2111Cannery NOC  
2576Canvas Goods Mfg. NOC - Shop   
2383Carbon Paper or Typewriter Ribbon Mfg.    
2157Carbonated Beverage Mfg. NOC & Drivers   
5645Carpentry - Detached One or Two-Family Dwellings    
5651Carpentry - Dwellings - Three Stories or Less    
2802Carpentry - Shop Only - & Drivers  
5403Carpentry NOC   
9521Carpet Installation (AIG ONLY) 
2302Carpet or Rug Mfg. - Jute or Hemp  
2402Carpet or Rug Mfg. NOC  
2593Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning - Shop or Outside - & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
3808Carriage or Wagon Mfg. Or Assembly   
5183Carrier System Installation or Repair & Drivers  
3574Cash Register Mfg.
9061Casino Gambling - All Employees - & Clerical 
9044Casino Gambling - Hotel - All Other Employees - & Salespersons    
9058Casino Gambling - Hotel - Restaurant Employees  
3076Casket or Coffin Mfg. or Assembly - Metal  
2883Casket or Coffin Mfg. or Assembly - Wood 
9522Casket or Coffin Upholstering and Burial Garment Mfg. 
4133Cathedral or Art Glass Window Mfg.   
5403Cement or Concrete Distributing Tower Installation, Repair or Removal   
5221Cement or Concrete Work - Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks - & Drivers   
9220Cemetery Operation & Drivers  
3110Chain Mfg. Forged    
7380Chauffeurs & Helpers NOC - Commercial 
2070Cheese or Butter Mfg. & Route salespersons, Route Supervisors & Drivers 
2041Chewing Gum Mfg. 
2041Chocolate or Cocoa Mfg. 
2172Cigarette, Cigar or Tobacco Mfg.    
8742Claim Adjusters or Special Agents - Insurance Co.
4024Clay or Brick Products Mfg. NOC & Drivers    
9025Cleaning Outside Surfaces of Buildings & Drivers    
8810Clerical Office Employees NOC
8803Clerical Service Contractor - Traveling
8871Clerical Telecommuter Employees   
8103Clippings Dealer & Drivers   
3385Clock Mfg. 
2417Cloth Printing  
2591Cloth Sponging & Route Salespersons, Drivers   
2501Clothing Mfg.
9060Club - Country, Golf, Fishing or Yacht - & Clerical 
9065Club - Tennis - & Clerical  
9061Clubs NOC - All Employees - & Clerical 
1463Coal Billet or Briquet Mfg. & Drivers    
8350Coal Merchant & Drivers    
2553Coat Front Mfg.  
2041Cocoa or Chocolate Mfg. 
6504Coconut Shredding or Drying  
6504Coffee Cleaning, Roasting or Grinding  
3076Coffin or Casket Mfg. or Assembly - Metal  
2883Coffin or Casket Mfg. or Assembly - Wood 
9522Coffin or Casket Upholstering and Burial Garment Mfg. 
8031Cold Storage Locker - Frozen Foods
2501Collar Mfg.
8742Collectors, Messengers or Salespersons - Outside
9101College: - All Other Employees & Drivers 
8868College: - Professional Employees & Clerical 
5954Color Grinding, Bleeding or Testing    
5191Computer Device Installation, Service or Repair  
8810Computer System Designers or Programmers: - Exclusively Office
8803Computer System Designers or Programmers: - Traveling
3574Computing, Recording or Office Machine Mfg. NOC
5213Concrete Construction NOC    
5403Concrete or Cement Distributing Tower Installation, Repair or Removal   
5221Concrete or Cement Work - Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks - & Drivers   
4034Concrete Products Mfg. & Drivers   
3559Confection Machinery Mfg.  
2041Confection Mfg. 
3507Construction Machinery, Dredge or Steam Shovel Mfg. NOC   
3507Construction or Agricultural Machinery Mfg.   
8227Construction or Erection Permanent Yard    
5606Contractor - Executive Supervisor    
8107Contractors Machinery Dealer - Store or Yard - & Drivers   
2302Cord, Rope or Twine Mfg. - cotton, linen or silk  
4244Corrugated or Fiberboard Container Mfg. 
8103Cotton Merchant & Drivers   
2302Cotton Spinning and Weaving  
8292Cotton Storage  
8810Counseling - Social Work: - Inside Work Only
2001Cracker Mfg.  
2942Crayon, Pencil or Penholder Mfg.  
2070Creameries & Route salespersons, Route Supervisors & Drivers 
9620Crematory Operation & Drivers
3384Custom Jewelry Mfg. - Exclusively  
3122Cutlery Mfg. NOC