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Understanding our company placement procedure
  1. You submit a completed application and necessary supplements
  2. PIA reviews for accuracy and completeness
  3. Based on the information received, PIA and/or Agency Resources will determine (based on the risk) which carrier would quote the business

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Code Phraseology
1860Abrasive Paper or Cloth Preparation    
8803Accountant, Auditor or Factory Cost or Office Systematizer - Traveling
3724Acetylene Gas Machine Installation & Drivers     
8800Addressing or Mailing Co.
3507Agricultural or Construction Machinery Mfg.   
5536Air Conditioning and Heating Duct Work - Shop and Outside - & Drivers    
3685Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg.
3227Aluminum Ware Mfg.   
5648Aluminum, Plastic or Vinyl Siding Installation & Drivers    
4511Analytical Chemist    
8601Architect or Engineer - Consulting  
3200Arms Mfg. NOC    
4133Art or Cathedral Glass Window Mfg.   
1463Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining & Drivers    
1463Asphalt Works & Drivers    
9182Athletic Team or Park: - Operation of Park & Drivers    
8820Attorney - All Employees - & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers
8090Auctioneers & Salespersons    
4923Audio or Visual Recording Media Mfg.  
8803Auditor, Accountant or Factory Cost or Office Systematizer - Traveling
3821Auto Dismantling    
3145Automatic Screw Machine Products Mfg.  
3634Automatic Sprinkler Head Mfg.  
5188Automatic Sprinkler Installation & Drivers   
8391Automobile Body Repair Shop - All Operations - & Drivers 
8391Automobile Car Wash & Drivers 
3827Automobile Engine Mfg.   
8391Automobile Gasoline and/or Service Station: Full or Full and Self-Service Gasoline & Drivers 
8382Automobile Gasoline and/or Service Stations: Self-Service Gasoline - with Convenience Store  
8381Automobile Gasoline Station - Retail - Self-Service 
3648Automobile Lighting, Ignition or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC   
3808Automobile Mfg. Or Assembly   
8392Automobile Parking Lot & Drivers
3807Automobile Radiator Mfg.   
8391Automobile Repair Shop - All Operations - & Drivers 
8391Automobile Sales or Service Agency - All Operations - & Drivers 
8748Automobile Salespersons  
8392Automobile Storage Garage or Parking Station & Drivers
8391Automobile Tire Dealer & Drivers 
8748Automobile Tire Salespersons  
3381Automobile Wheel Mfg. - Metal - Not Cast   
9505Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.: - Painting   
9522Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.: - Upholstering 
2576Awning or Tent Mfg. - Shop Only