Code Phraseology
113Farm: Fish Hatchery & Drivers  
1164Mining NOC- Not Coal - Underground & Drivers  
1165Mining NOC- Not Coal - Surface & Drivers  
1320Oil or Gas - Lease Operator - All Operations & Drivers  
1430Lead Mfg. & Drivers  
1430Smelting, Sintering or Refining Lead & Drivers  
1438Calcium Carbide Mfg. & Drivers  
1438Smelting - Electric Process & Drivers  
1438Smelting, Sintering or Refining - Metals - Not Iron or Lead NOC & Drivers  
1438Magnesium Metal Mfg. - All Operations & Drivers  
1463Coal - Billet or Briquette Mfg. & Drivers  
1463Asphalt Works - Operated by Paving Contractors - Permanent Location & Drivers  
1472Distillation - Wood & Drivers  
1472Alcohol Mfg. - Wood & Drivers  
1472Charcoal Mfg. & Drivers  
1472Creosote Mfg. & Drivers  
16Turpentine Farm & Drivers  
16Farm: Orchard & Drivers  
1642Lime Mfg.  
1699Rock Wool Mfg.  
1701Cement Mfg.  
1701Plaster Mill  
1741Spar or Flint Grinding & Drivers  
1741Silica Grinding & Drivers  
1741Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers  
1747Clay Milling & Drivers  
1747Talc Mill & Drivers  
1747Emery Works & Drivers  
1748Abrasive - Wheel Mfg. & Drivers  
1803Oil or Hone Stone Mfg. & Drivers  
1803Slate Milling & Drivers  
1803Stonecutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers  
1803Soapstone or Soapstone Products Mfg. & Drivers  
1853Mica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing  
1860Abrasive - Paper or Cloth Preparation  
1924Cable Mfg. Or Wire Drawing - Not Iron or Steel  
1924Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg.  
1925Die Casting Mfg.  
2001Cracker Mfg.  
2002Macaroni Mfg.  
2003Bakery & Drivers, Route Supervisors  
2003Doughnut - Mfg. & Drivers  
2014Milling Grain  
2014Grain Milling  
2014Grist Mill  
2014Feed Mfg.  
2016Breakfast Food Mfg.  
2021Syrup or Molasses Refining, Blending or Mfg.  
2021Molasses or Syrup Refining, Blending or Mfg.  
2021Sugar Mfg. - Beet  
2021Beet Sugar Mfg.  
2021Sugar Refining  
2039Ice Cream Mfg.  
2041Cocoa or Chocolate Mfg.  
2041Chewing Gum Mfg.  
2041Confection Mfg.  
2041Chocolate of Cocoa Mfg.  
2065Condensed Milk Mfg.  
2065Malted Milk Mfg. Incl. Dehydration of Milk  
2065Milk Products Manufacturing NOC  
2070Dairy or Creamery & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2070Butter or Cheese Mfg. & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2070Milk Bottle Exchange  
2070Creamery or Dairy & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2095Meat Products Mfg. NOC  
2095Fish Curing  
2095Sausage or Sausage Casing Mfg.  
2105Fruit Packing  
2110Pickle Mfg.  
2111Cannery NOC  
2112Fruit Preserving  
2121Brewery & Drivers  
2121Malt House  
2130Distillery - Spirituous Liquor  
2130Alcohol Mfg. - Grain - All Operations  
2130Spirituous Liquor Distillery  
2131Spirituous Liquor Bottling  
2143Fruit Juice Mfg.  
2150Ice Mfg.  
2156Bottling - Not Carbonated Liquids or Spirituous Liquors, & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2157Beverage Mfg. - Carbonated - NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2157Bottling NOC  
2157Carbonated Beverage Mfg.  
2172Tobacco Mfg. NOC  
2172Cigar Mfg.  
2172Cigarette Mfg.  
2174Tobacco Rehandling or Warehousing  
2220Hemp or Jute Spinning and Weaving  
2220Yarn or Thread Mfg. - Cotton  
2220Carpet or Rug Mfg. - Jute or Hemp  
2220Thread or Yarn Mfg. - Cotton  
2220Twine or Cord Mfg. - Cotton  
2220Cotton - Spinning and Weaving  
2220Jute or Hemp Spinning and Weaving  
2220Linen Cloth Mfg.  
2220Cord or Twine Mfg. - Cotton  
2220Rope, Cordage or Twine Mfg. NOC  
2220Flax Spinning and Weaving  
2286Wool Spinning & Weaving  
2286Yarn Mfg. - Wool  
2288Felting Mfg.  
2300Plush or Velvet Mfg.  
2300Velvet or Plush Mfg.  
2302Yarn or Thread Mfg. - Silk  
2302Thread or Yarn Mfg. - Silk  
2302Silk Throwing and Weaving  
2305Rayon Mfg.  
2305Textile - Fiber Mfg. - Synthetic  
2361Hosiery Mfg.  
2362Knit Goods Mfg. NOC  
2362Glove or Mitten Mfg. - Knit  
2380Fringe or Braid Mfg.  
2380Net Mfg.  
2380Webbing Mfg.  
2380Braid or Fringe Mfg.  
2386Lace Mfg.  
2388Embroidery Mfg.  
2402Carpet or Rug Mfg. NOC  
2413Textile - Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing  
2413Cloth Printing - Silk Screen Process - Machinery Operations  
2416Yarn or Thread Dyeing or Finishing  
2416Thread or Yarn - Dyeing or Finishing  
2417Cloth Printing  
2501Suspender Mfg.  
2501Furnishing Goods Mfg. NOC  
2501Toy Mfg. - Cloth Stuffed Animals or Toys  
2501Window Shade Mfg.  
2501Doll Clothing, Cloth Dolls, or Cloth Parts Mfg.  
2501Draperies or Curtains- Mfg. - From Cloth, Paper, or Plastic - Cutting and Sewing  
2501Shirt Mfg.  
2501Feather Pillow Mfg.  
2501Lingerie Mfg.  
2501Hat Mfg.  
2501Textile - Mending  
2501Sign Mfg. - Silk Screen Printing - Cloth  
2501Cloth Printing - Silk Screen Process - Hand Printing  
2501Collar Mfg.  
2501Millinery Mfg.  
2501Fur - Clothing Mfg.  
2501Clothing Mfg.  
2501Cushion, Pillow or Quilt Mfg.  
2503Tailoring or Dressmaking - Custom Exclusively  
2503Dressmaking or Tailoring - Custom 
251Irrigation Works Operation  
2534Feather or Flower Mfg. - Artificial  
2534Hair Goods Mfg.  
2560Umbrella Mfg.  
2570Box Spring or Mattress Manufacturing 
2576Awning, Canvas Goods or Tent Mfg. - Shop Only  
2576Tent or Awning Mfg. - Shop  
2576Canvas Goods Mfg. NOC - Shop  
2576Sail Making - Shop  
2578Bag - Renovating  
2578Bag or Sack Mfg. - Cloth  
2585Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning - Shop or Outside & Drivers  
2585Laundry NOC  
2585Diaper Service  
2585Upholstery, Carpet or Rug Cleaning & Drivers  
2586Dyeing or Cleaning & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2586Cleaning or Dyeing & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2587Towel or Toilet Supply Company & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2587Toilet or Towel Supply Co. & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2589Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store Retail & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2589Dry Cleaning or Laundry Store - Retail  
2600Fur Mfg. -Preparing Skins  
2623Leather - Embossing  
2623Wool Pulling  
2623Hatters' Fur Mfg.  
2651Shoe Findings Mfg.  
2651Shoe Stock Mfg.  
2660Shoe or Boot Mfg. NOC  
2660Boot or Shoe Mfg. NOC  
2670Glove Mfg. - Leather or Textile  
2683Luggage Mfg.  
2688Pocketbook Mfg.  
2688Leather Goods Mfg. NOC  
2714Veneer Mfg.  
2731Planing or Molding Mill  
2735Last Block Mfg.  
2735Pencil - Stock Mfg. - Wood  
2735Cooperage - Stock Mfg.  
2735Furniture- Stock Mfg.  
2790Last or Shoe Form Mfg.  
2790Wood Carving - By Hand or Machine  
2790Shoe Form or Last Mfg.  
2790Patternmaking NOC  
2802Prefabricated House Mfg. - Wood & Drivers  
2802Laminated Wood Building Beams and Columns Mfg. & Drivers  
2802Door, Sash or Assembled Millwork Mfg. - Wood & Drivers  
2802Door, Sash or Finished Millwork Dealers & Drivers  
2802Fence - Mfg. - Wood, Picket & Drivers  
2802Carpentry - Shop Only & Drivers  
2812Sign Mfg. - Wood - No Painting, Using Power Machinery  
2812Trailer Mfg. - Home Type  
2812Cabinet Works - With Power Driven Machinery  
2812Automobile - Trailer Mfg. - Home Type  
2835Brush or Broom Assembly  
2836Brush or Broom Mfg. NOC  
2841Shade Roller Mfg. - Wood  
2841Shuttle Mfg.  
2841Toy Mfg. - Wood  
2841Window Shade Roller Mfg.  
2841Brush or Broom Handle Mfg.  
2841Pipe Mfg. - Wooden - Tobacco  
2841Wood Turned Products Mfg. NOC  
2841Woodenware Mfg. NOC  
2841Cork Products Mfg. NOC  
2881Sign Mfg. - Wood - No Painting or Using Power Machinery  
2881Furniture - Assembly - Wood - from Manufactured Parts  
2881Picture Frame Assembling - No Manufacturing of Parts  
2881Barrel Assembly - Wood  
2881Venetian Blind Assembly  
2881Cooperage Assembly  
2881Cabinet Works - No Power Woodworking Machinery  
2881Casket or Coffin Mfg. Or Assembly - Wood  
2883Trunk Mfg.  
2883Billiard - Table Mfg.  
2883Furniture - Mfg. - Wood - NOC  
2883Box Mfg. - Cigar - Wood  
2883Cabinet Mfg. For Audio or Video Device  
2883Piano Case Mfg.  
2913Willow, Rattan or Twisted Fiber Products Mfg.  
2913Willowware Mfg.  
2913Rattan, Willow or Twisted Fiber Products Mfg.  
2915Plywood Mfg.  
2915Veneer Products Mfg. - Includes Veneer Mfg.  
2916Plywood Mfg. - No Veneer Mfg.  
2916Veneer Products Mfg. - No Veneer Mfg.  
2923Piano Mfg. 
2923Musical Instrument Mfg. - Wood 
2923Organ Building & Installation 
2942Crayon, Pencil or Pen Holder Mfg.  
3022Pipe or Tube Mfg. NOC & Drivers  
3027Pipe or Tube Mfg. - Lead - & Drivers  
3027Lead Works & Drivers  
3027Rolling Mill NOC & Drivers  
3028Pipe or Tube Mfg. - Iron or Steel - & Drivers  
3040Iron or Steel: Ironworks - Shop - Ornamental & Drivers  
3041Iron or Steel: Ironworks - Shop - Decorative or Artistic & Foundries, Drivers  
3042Elevator Or Escalator Mfg.  
3064Sign Mfg. - Metal 
3064Sign Mfg. - Neon  
3064Sign Mfg. - Plastic or Vinyl Computer-Generated Letters or Graphics  
3064Sign Mfg. - Silk Screen Printing - Metal  
3066Sheet Metal Work - Shop  
3066Door, Door Frame, or Sash - Mfg. - Wood - Metal Covered  
3066Coppersmith - Shop  
3076Jalousie Or Jalousie Screen - Mfg.  
3076Awing Mfg. And Erection - Metal - Manufacture by an Insured Engaged in the Manufacture of Canvas Products  
3076Awing Mfg. And Erection - Metal - Manufacture of Metal Awnings Exclusively  
3076Furniture - Mfg. - Metal 
3076Refrigerator Mfg. - Metal - Domestic or Commercial - All Other Operations  
3076Fireproof Equipment Mfg. 
3076Casket or Coffin Mfg. Or Assembly - Metal 
3076Bedstead Mfg. Or Assembly - Metal 
3076Soda Water Fountain or Apparatus Mfg.  
3081Enameled Ironware Mfg.  
3081Foundry - Ferrous - NOC  
3110Forging Work - Drop or Machine  
3110Chain Mfg. - Forged  
3110Tool Mfg. - Drop or Machine Forged - NOC - Forging  
3113Tool Mfg. - Not Drop or Machine Forged NOC  
3114Tool Mfg. - Drop or Machine Forged - NOC - Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations  
3118Saw Mfg.  
3118File Mfg.  
3118Saw - Sharpening  
3119Pen Point Mfg. 
3119Needle Mfg. 
3120Razor Mfg. - Safety 
3122Cutlery Mfg. 
3122Razor Mfg. NOC 
3126Tool Mfg. - Agricultural, Construction, Logging Mining, Oil or Artesian Well  
3131Zipper Mfg.  
3131Button or Fastener Mfg. - Metal 
3132Nut or Bolt Mfg.  
3132Spike Mfg.  
3132Bolt or Nut Mfg.  
3145Automatic Screw Machine Products Mfg. 
3145Screw Mfg. 
3146Skate Mfg.  
3146Horseshoe Mfg.  
3146Hardware Mfg. NOC  
3169Stove Mfg.  
3175Radiator or Heater Mfg.  
3175Heater or Radiator Mfg. - Cast Iron  
3179Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC  
3179Refrigeration Unit Mfg.  
3179Refrigerator Mfg. - Metal - Domestic or Commercial - Mfg. Or Assembling the Refrigerating Unit  
3180Electric or Gas Light Fixture Mfg.  
3180Gas or Electric Lighting Fixtures Mfg.  
3188Plumbers Supplies Mfg. NOC 
3220Can Mfg. 
3223Portable Lantern or Lamp Mfg.  
3223Lamp or Lantern Mfg. NOC  
3224Enamel or Agate Ware Mfg.  
3227Aluminum Ware Mfg.  
3240Cable or Wire Rope Mfg. - Iron or Steel  
3240Wire Rope or Cable Mfg. - Iron or Steel  
3241Wire Drawing - Iron or Steel  
3255Wire Cloth Mfg.  
3257Chain Mfg. - Formed or Welded  
3257Fence - Mfg. - Wire  
3257Wire Fence Mfg.  
3257Wire Goods Mfg. NOC  
3270Tack Mfg.  
3270Pin Manufacturing 
3270Nail Mfg.  
3270Nail, Pin or tack Mfg.  
3270Eyelet Mfg. 
3300Wire Mattress or Bedspring Mfg.  
3300Bedspring or Wire Mattress Mfg. 
3303Spring Manufacturing - Not Wire 
3307Heat Treating - Metal  
3334Tinfoil Mfg.  
3336Type Foundry  
3336Castings Mfg. - Metal - Lost Wax Process  
3365Welding or Cutting NOC & Drivers  
3372Metal Finishing  
3373Galvanizing or Tinning - Not Electrolytic  
3383Gold Leaf Mfg. 
3383Matchcase Mfg.  
3383Jewelry Mfg. 
3383Silverware Mfg. 
3383Musical Instrument Mfg. - Metal  
3383Watchcase Mfg.  
3385Watch Mfg.  
3385Clock Mfg.  
34Farm: Poultry Producer & Drivers  
34Farm: Apiary & Drivers  
34Farm: Egg Producer & Drivers  
3400Barrel or Drum Mfg. - Metal  
3400Metal - Stamped Goods Mfg. NOC  
3400Automobile - Stamped Parts Mfg.  
35Farm: Vegetable Growing - Hydroponic & Drivers  
35Farm: Florist & Drivers  
3507Construction or Agricultural Machinery Mfg.  
3507Cotton - Gin - Machine Mfg.  
3507Mining or Ore Milling Machinery Mfg.  
3507Tractor Mfg. - Caterpillar Type  
3507Road or Street Making Machinery Mfg.  
3507Dredge, Steam Shovel, or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC  
3507Safe Mfg. Or Repairing  
3507Agricultural or Construction Machinery Mfg.  
3507Power Plow or Traction Engine Mfg.  
3507Locomotive Works  
3515Textile - Machinery Mfg. 
3515Reed or Loom Harness Mfg. 
3548Printing or Bookbinding Machine Mfg. 
3548Bookbinding or Printing Machine Mfg.  
3559Machine Mfg. - Confection  
3559Confection Machine Mfg.  
3574Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg. 
3574Speedometer or Taximeter Mfg. 
3574Slot Machine Mfg.  
3574Cash Register Mfg. 
3574Typewriter Mfg. 
3574Computing, Recording or Office Machine Mfg. NOC 
3574Explosives of Ammunition Mfg. - Cartridge Mfg. Or Assembly - Small Arms  
3574Sewing Machine Manufacturing  
3574Gas - Meter Mfg. 
3574Sewing Machines - Commercial - Repairing and Rebuilding Sewing Machines, Cutters and Parts in Shop  
3581Fuel Injection Device Mfg.  
36Farm: Dairy & Drivers  
3612Engine Mfg. - NOC 
3612Pump Mfg. 
3620Boilermaking - No Installation  
3620Military Tank Hull Mfg. Or Assembly  
3620Tank Building - Metal - Shop  
3629Precision Machined Parts Mfg. NOC  
3632Tool Sharpening - Industrial Tools  
3632Machine Shops NOC  
3632Explosives of Ammunition Mfg. - Projectile or Shell Mfg.  
3632Automotive - Machine Shop  
3634Automatic Sprinkler - Head Mfg.  
3634Water Meter Mfg.  
3634Sprinkler Head Mfg.  
3634Valve Mfg.  
3635Gear Mfg. or Grinding 
3638Roller or Ball Bearing Mfg.  
3638Automotive - Lighting, Ignition or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC  
3638Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg. 
3642Battery Mfg. - Dry  
3643Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.  
3643Sewing Machines - Commercial - Repairing and Rebuilding Electric Motors  
3647Battery Mfg. - Storage  
3681Television, Radio, Telephone or Telecommunication Device Mfg. NOC 
3681Electrical Harness Assembly 
3681Telephone or Telegraph Apparatus Mfg.  
3685Thermometer Mfg. 
3685Instrument Mfg. NOC 
37Farm: Field Crops & Drivers  
37Farm: NOC & Drivers  
3803Automobile Wheel Mfg. 
3807Automobile - Radiator Mfg.  
3807Radiator Mfg. - Automobile  
3808Automobile - Mfg. Or Assembly  
3808Wagon or Carriage Mfg. Or Assembly  
3821Automobile - Dismantling & Drivers  
3822Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg. - Die Pressed Steel  
3824Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg. NOC  
3827Engine Mfg. - Automobile  
3827Automobile Engine Mfg.  
3851Motorcycle Mfg. Or Assembly  
3865Bicycle Mfg. or Assembly  
3865Baby Carriage Mfg.  
3881Car Mfg. - Railroad & Drivers  
400Cotton - Compressing & Drivers  
4021Brick or Clay Products Mfg. NOC & Drivers  
4021Clay Products or Brick Mfg. NOC & Drivers  
4021Tile or Earthenware Mfg. NOC & Drivers  
4024Brick Mfg. - Fire or Enameled & Drivers  
4024Refractory Products Mfg. & Drivers  
4034Coffin and Casket Mfg. And Installation - Concrete & Drivers  
4034Concrete - Products Mfg. & Drivers  
4036Staff or Plaster Mixing & Drivers  
4036Plasterboard and Block Mfg.  
4036Plaster or Staff Mixing  
4038Plaster Statuary or Ornament Mfg.  
4038Dress Form Mfg.  
4038Ornament or Plaster Statuary Mfg.  
4053Terra-Cotta Mfg.  
4053Pottery Mfg. - China or Tableware  
4061Pottery Mfg. - Earthenware - Glazed or Porcelain - Hand Molded or Cast  
4062Pottery Mfg. - Porcelain Ware - Mechanical Press Forming  
4101Glass - Mfg. & Drivers  
4111Glassware Mfg. - No Automatic Blowing Machine  
4112Incandescent Lamp Mfg.  
4113Glass- Mfg. - Cut  
4114Glassware Mfg. - NOC  
4130Glass - Merchant  
4131Mirror Mfg.  
4133Glass - Window Mfg. - Stained  
4133Cathedral or Art Glass Window Mfg.  
4150Computer Chip Mfg.  
4150Optical Goods Mfg. NOC  
4150Lens Mfg.  
42Landscape Gardening & Drivers  
4206Pulp Mfg. - Ground Wood Process  
4207Pulp Mfg. - Chemical Process  
4239Paper Mfg.  
4239Particleboard Mfg.  
4240Box Mfg. - Set up Boxes  
4243Box Mfg. - Folding Paper Boxes NOC  
4244Corrugated or Fiber Board Container Mfg.  
4250Paper Coating  
4250Paper - Corrugating or Laminating  
4250Paper - Crepeing  
4250Paper - Oiling, Paraffining, Parchmentizing or Waxing  
4251Stationery Mfg.  
4251Typewriter Ribbon or Carbon Paper Mfg.  
4251Inked Ribbon Preparation  
4251Carbon Paper or Typewriter Ribbon Mfg.  
4251Notebook or Loose-leaf Ledger Mfg.  
4263Fiber Goods Mfg.  
4273Plastic or Paper Bag Mfg.  
4273Bag Mfg. - Paper or Plastic  
4279Wallpaper Mfg.  
4279Paper Goods Mfg. NOC  
4279Match Mfg.  
4282Boot or Shoe Pattern Mfg.  
4282Music Roll Mfg. - Perforated Paper  
4282Dress Pattern Mfg.  
4282Shoe or Boot Pattern Mfg.  
4283Building or Roofing Paper or Felt Preparation - No Installation  
4299Sign Mfg. - Silk Screen Printing - Plastic  
4299Sign Mfg. - Silk Screen Printing - Wood  
4299Rubber Stamp Mfg. Or Assembly 
4299Sign Mfg. - Plastic or Vinyl Computer-Generated Letters or Graphics - No Painting or Using Power Machinery  
4299Playing Cards Mfg. 
4299Sign Mfg. - Silk Screen Printing - Paper or Posterboard  
4304Newspaper Publishing 
4308Linotype Composition 
4352China Decorating - By Hand  
4360Motion Picture Development of Negatives and Subsequent Operations  
4361Film Print Shops - All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers  
4361Photographer - All Employees 
4362Film Exchange & Clerical  
4362Motion Picture Film Exchange & Projection Rooms, Clerical 
4410Rubber Goods Mfg. NOC  
4410Shoe or Boot Mfg. - Rubber  
4410Boot or Shoe Mfg. - Rubber  
4410Rubber - Reclaiming  
4420Rubber Tire Mfg.  
4431Phonograph Record Manufacturing  
4432Pen and Mechanical Pencil Mfg. 
4439Lacquer or Spirit Varnish Mfg.  
4452Horn Goods Mfg. - Fabricated Products Mfg.  
4452Plastics Mfg. - Fabricated Products NOC  
4452Bone or Ivory Goods Mfg.  
4452Ivory or Bone Goods Mfg.  
4459Plastics Mfg. - Sheets, Rods, or Tubes  
4459Pyroxylin Mfg.  
4470Cable Mfg. - Insulated Electrical  
4470Wire Insulating or Covering  
4484Doll or Parts Mfg.  
4484Button Mfg. NOC  
4484Plastics Mfg. - Laminated Molded Products NOC  
4484Plastics Mfg. - Molded Products NOC  
4493Oil Cloth Mfg.  
4493Linoleum Mfg.  
4493Leather - Mfg. - Imitation  
4493Fabric Coating or Impregnating NOC  
4557Mucilage or Paste Mfg.  
4557Oil or Grease Mixing or Blending  
4557Candle Mfg.  
4557Polish or Dressing Mfg.  
4557Ink Mfg.  
4557Paste or Mucilage Mfg.  
4557Buffing or Polishing Compounds Mfg.  
4557Wax Manufacture  
4557Wax Products Manufacture  
4557Dressing or Polish Mfg.  
4561Varnish Mfg.  
4568Borax, Potash or Salt Producing or Refining & Drivers  
4581Phosphate Works & Drivers  
4583Fertilizer - Mfg. & Drivers  
4611Cosmetics Mfg.  
4611Pharmaceutical, Drug or Medicine Preparation - No Mfg. Of Ingredients  
4611Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation - Compounding or Blending - No Mfg. Of Ingredients  
4653Glue Mfg. & Drivers  
4665Rendering Works NOC & Drivers  
4683Oil Mfg. - Vegetable  
4683Cottonseed Oil - Refining  
4683Lard Refining  
4686Oil Mfg. - Vegetable by Solvent Extraction  
4692Dental Laboratories 
4693Pharmaceutical and Surgical Goods Mfg. NOC  
4693Surgical or Pharmaceutical Goods Mfg. NOC  
4703Starch Mfg.  
4703Dextrin Mfg.  
4703Corn Products Mfg.  
4717Butter Substitute Mfg.  
4741Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining & Drivers  
4751Synthetic Rubber Mfg.  
4825Licorice Extract Mfg.  
4825Essential Oils Mfg. & Distillation  
4825Pharmaceutical, Drug or Medicine Preparation Mfg. & Incidental Mfg. Of Ingredients  
4825Extract Mfg.  
4902Harness or Saddle Mfg. 
4902Sporting Goods Mfg. NOC 
4902Fishing Rod and Tackle Mfg. 
4902Whip Mfg. 
4923Audio or Video Recording Machine Mfg.  
4923Recording Tape or Disk Mfg.  
4923Photographic Supplies Mfg.  
5Farm: Tree or Shrub & Drivers- Not Timber  
5Farm: Nursery Employees & Drivers  
50Hay Bailing & Drivers  
50Farm Machinery - Operation - by Contractor & Drivers  
5020Ceiling Installation - Suspended Acoustical Grid Type  
5022Plastering or Stucco Work on Outside of Buildings  
5022Fireplace construction  
5022Stucco or Plastering Work - On Outside of Buildings  
5022Silo Erection - Masonry or Tile  
5022Construction - Masonry Buildings or Structures  
5022Masonry NOC  
5102Iron or Steel: Iron Erection - Decorative  
5102Iron or Steel: Iron, Brass or Bronze Erection - Decorative or Artistic  
5102Iron or Steel: Iron, Brass, Bronze Erection - Nonstructural - Interior  
5102Draperies or Curtains - Installation in Public Buildings NOC  
5102Awning, Tent or Canvas Goods Erection, Removal or Repair  
5102Door Erection  
5102Awing Mfg. And Erection - Metal - Erection by an Insured Engaged in the Erection of Canvas Products  
5102Iron or Steel: Door, Door Frame or Sash Erection - Metal or Metal Covered  
5146Partition Installation - Metal  
5146Furniture or Fixtures Installation - Portable NOC  
5146Fixtures or Furniture Installation NOC  
5160Elevator - Erection or Repair  
5183Air Conditioning Systems - Plumbing & Drivers  
5183Refrigeration - Commercial - Pipe Fitting Including the Installation of Tubing & Drivers  
5183Refrigeration - Domestic - Pipe Fitting Including the Installation of Tubing & Drivers  
5183Carrier Systems - Pneumatic - Installation or Repair & Drivers  
5183Lawn - Sprinkler System Installation - Underground & Drivers  
5183Pump Installation - Domestic & Drivers  
5183Insulation - Steam Pipe or Boiler & Drivers  
5183Plumbing NOC  
5188Automatic Sprinkler - Installation & Drivers  
5188Sprinkler Installation & Drivers  
5190Electrical Wiring - Within Buildings  
5190Sewing Machines - Commercial - Electrical Wiring - Away From Shop & Drivers  
5190Cable Installation & Drivers  
5190Air Conditioning Systems - Cleaning, Oiling or Adjusting & Drivers  
5190Refrigeration - Commercial - Cleaning, Oiling or Adjusting & Drivers  
5191Piano Tuning - Away From Shop  
5191Computer Device Installation, Inspection, Service or Repair  
5191Scales - Installation or Adjustment - Counter Type  
5191Xray Equipment - Portable - Installation, Service or Repair  
5213Silo Erection - Precast Concrete Staves  
5213Guniting - Not Chimneys- All Operations  
5213Cleaning or Renovating Building Exteriors  
5213Concrete - Construction - Private Residences - Monolithic  
5213Silo Erection - Concrete  
5213Concrete - Construction NOC  
5213Construction - Concrete or Concrete-Encased Buildings or Structures  
5215Concrete - Work - Incidental to the Construction of Private Residence  
5215Concrete - Construction - Private Residences - Not Monolithic  
5221Concrete or Cement Work - Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks & Drivers  
5221Monuments - Cemeteries - Erection Exclusively  
5221Paving or Repaving Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks & Drivers  
5348Stone or Marble Setting - Inside  
5348Stone, Mosaic, Terrazo or Ceramic Tile Work - Inside  
5348Mosaic, Stone, Terrazzo or Ceramic Tile Work - Inside  
5403Carpentry NOC  
5403Silo Erection - Wood  
5403Siding Installation - Aluminum or Vinyl - All Other Buildings or Structures  
5403Vinyl Siding Installation - All Other Buildings or Structures (other than Dwellings Three Stories or Less)  
5403Iron or Steel: Steel Frame-Interior- Light Gauge Steel- by Other Carpentry Contractors  
5403Construction - Wooden Buildings or Structures Including Those Designed for Dwelling Occupancy - No Bridges  
5437Carpentry - Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior Trim  
5445Sheetrock Installation - Within Buildings & Drivers  
5445Iron or Steel: Steel Frame-Interior- Light Gauge Steel- by Contractors Engaged in Wallboard Installation & Drivers  
5445Wallboard Installation - Within Buildings & Drivers  
5479Insulation Work NOC  
5480Plastering NOC  
5506Street or Road Construction - Paving or Repaving & Drivers  
5506Asphalt Works - Operated by Road Paving Contractors - Temporary Location & Drivers  
5536Air Conditioning Systems - Ductwork - Shop and Outside & Drivers  
5538Awing Mfg. And Erection - Metal - Manufacture and Erection of Metal Awnings Exclusively & Drivers  
5538Air Conditioning Systems - Sheet Metal Work & Drivers  
5538Sheet Metal Work NOC  
5538Metal - Ceiling or Wall Covering Installation & Shop, Drivers  
5538Silo Erection - Glass Fused to Steel & Drivers  
5538Wall Covering or Metal Ceiling Installation & Shop, Drivers  
5538Silo Erection - Metal & Drivers  
5538Awing Mfg. And Erection - Metal - Erection of Metal Awnings Exclusively & Drivers  
5606Contractor - Executive Supervisor or Construction Superintendent  
5645Window - Screen or Screen Door Installation - Metal or Wood  
5645Siding Installation - Aluminum or Vinyl - Detached One or Two Family Dwellings  
5645Door - Installation - Screened - Metal or Wood  
5645Storm Door or Storm Sash Installation - Wood or Metal  
5645Iron or Steel: Steel Frame-Interior- Light Gauge Steel- by Carpentry Contractors in Connection with Detached One or Two Family Dwellings  
5645Vinyl Siding Installation - Detached One- or Two-Family Dwellings  
5645Carpentry - Detached One or Two Family Dwellings  
5705Salvage Operation - No Wrecking or Any Structural Operations  
5951Antitoxin, Serum or Virus Mfg. & Drivers  
5951Virus, Antitoxin or Serum Mfg. & Drivers  
6206Oil or Gas - Well - Acidizing - All Employees & Drivers  
6206Oil or Gas - Well - Cementing & Drivers  
6213Oil or Gas - Well - Specialty Tool Operation NOC - by Contractor - All Employees & Drivers  
6214Oil or Gas - Well - Perforating of Casing - All Employees & Drivers  
6216Oil or Gas - Lease Work NOC - by Contractor & Drivers  
6216Gas or Oil - Lease Work NOC - Natural Gas - by Contractor & Drivers  
6217Grading of Land NOC  
6217Rock Excavation & Drivers  
6217Excavation NOC  
6229Drainage or Irrigation System Construction  
6229Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers  
6325Conduit Construction - For Cables or Wires & Drivers  
6400Fence Construction - Metal  
6504Nut Cleaning or Shelling  
6504Mayonnaise Mfg.  
6504Flour Mixing and Blending - No Milling  
6504Food Sundries Mfg. NOC  
6504Yeast Mfg.  
6504Spice Mills  
6504Popcorn Mfg.  
6504Potato Chip Mfg.  
6504Coconut Shredding or Drying  
6504Coffee - Cleaning, Roasting or Grinding  
6504Malted Milk Mfg. - From Powdered Milk, Sugar, Malt Cocoa  
6504Peanut Butter Mfg.  
6504Baking Powder Mfg.  
7222Trucking - Oil Field Equipment - All Employees & Drivers  
7228Scaffolding - Delivery of Materials Only - Local Hauling Only - No Installation, Repair or Removal - All Employees & Drivers  
7228Automobile - Towing Companies - Local Hauling Only - No Other Operations - All Employees & Drivers  
7228Automobile - Haulaway or Driveaway - Local Hauling Only - All Employees & Drivers  
7228Trucking: Local Hauling Only - All Employees & Drivers  
7229Scaffolding - Delivery of Materials Only - Long Distance Hauling - No Installation, Repair or Removal - All Employees & Drivers  
7229Trucking - Long Distance Hauling - All Employees & Drivers  
7229Automobile - Towing Companies - Long Haul - No Other Operations - All Employees & Drivers  
7229Automobile - Haulaway or Driveaway - Long Distance Hauling - All Employees & Drivers  
7313Ore Dock Operation & Stevedoring  
7313Coal - Dock Operation & Stevedoring  
7317Automobile - Haulaway or Driveaway - Driving Autos On or Off Vessels  
7380Distributing Companies & Drivers  
7380Chauffeurs or Drivers NOC - Commercial  
7380Drivers, Chauffeurs and Their Helpers NOC - Commercial  
7382Bus Company - All Other Employees  
7605Sound System Installation or Repair  
7605Fire Alarm System Installation, Service or Repair  
7605Intercom System Installation, Service or Repair  
7605Burglar and Security Alarm Installation or Repair & Drivers  
7613Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation - Contractors, Service Lines and Connections & Drivers  
79Farm: Berry or Vineyard & Drivers  
8Farm: Vegetable & Drivers  
8Farm: Gardening - Market or Truck & Drivers  
8001Florist - Store & Drivers  
8001Store: Florist  
8002Truck - Rental: All Other Employees & Counter Personnel, Drivers  
8006Store: Coffee, Tea or Spice  
8006Store: Dairy Products  
8006Store: Frozen or Frosted Foods  
8006Store: Delicatessen - Retail  
8006Store: Fruit or Vegetable - Retail  
8006Store: Grocery - Retail  
8008Store: Shoe - Retail 
8008Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods - Retail 
8008Store: Dry Goods - Retail  
8010Store: Ship Chandler  
8010Bicycles - Retail Sale or Rental  
8010Store: Agricultural Implements - Not Farm Machinery  
8010Store: Hardware  
8010Locksmith - Shop and Outside  
8010Store: Audio or Video Parts and Accessories  
8013Store: Jewelry 
8013Store: Optical  
8013Diamond Cutting or Polishing  
8013Store: Hearing Aid  
8013Precious Stone Setting  
8015Quick Printing - Copying or Duplicating Service - All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers  
8017Store: Floor Covering - Retail  
8017Laundry - Self-Service 
8017Store: Luggage - Retail  
8017Store: Sporting Goods - Retail  
8017Tailor Shop  
8017Store: Paint or Wallpaper - Retail  
8017Pawn Shop  
8017Store: Pet - Retail  
8017Shoe Repair Store  
8017Shoe Shining Establishment  
8017Store: Retail NOC 
8018Egg Dealer - Wholesale  
8018Sawdust Dealers  
8018Barber or Beauty Parlor Supply House  
8018Store: Floor Covering - Wholesale  
8018Store: Wholesale NOC 
8018Store: Fruit or Vegetable - Wholesale 
8018Packaging - Contract  
8018Store: Paint or Wallpaper - Wholesale  
8018Store: Grocery - Wholesale  
8018Welding Supply Dealer  
8018Soft Drink Distributors - Wholesale  
8018Mill Supply Dealer  
8021Store: Fish, Meat or Poultry - Wholesale  
8021Store: Meat, Fish, Poultry - Wholesale 
8031Store: Meat, Fish, Poultry - Retail 
8031Cold Storage Locker - Frozen Foods 
8031Store: Fish, Meat or Poultry - Retail  
8032Store: Shoe - Wholesale 
8032Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods - Wholesale 
8032Store: Dry Goods - Wholesale 
8033Store: Supermarket  
8033Store: Meat, Grocery and Provision Combined - Retail  
8039Store: Department - Retail 
8044Store: Household Appliance - Electrical & Drivers - No Delivery  
8044Furniture - Rental - Chairs, Coat Racks, Dishes & Drivers  
8044Store: Furniture & Drivers  
8044Store: Piano or Organ & Drivers - No Delivery  
8045Store: Drug - Retail  
8046Automotive: Parts and Accessories NOC & Drivers  
8046Store: Automobile Parts and Accessories NOC and Drivers 
8047Store: Drug - Wholesale  
8050Store: Five and Ten Cent  
8058Home Improvement Center - Store Employees  
8058Lumber Yard Store Employees  
8058Building Material Dealer - New Materials Only - Store Employees  
8072Store: Book, Record, Compact Disk, Software, Video or Audio Cassette- Retail  
8102Bean Sorting or Handling  
8102Seed Merchant  
8102Peanut Handling  
8103Cotton - Storage  
8103Cotton Merchant & Drivers  
8103Wiping Cloth Dealer & Laundry Operations  
8103Clippings Dealer - New Fabrics Only  
8103Wool Merchant  
8105Store: Hide or Leather Dealers 
8106Concrete - Reinforcing Rod or Bar Dealer & Drivers  
8106Iron or Steel: Merchant & Drivers  
8107Contractors - Equipment Rental & Drivers  
8107Contractors - Machinery Dealer & Drivers  
8107Machinery Dealer NOC - Store or Yard Drivers  
8107Oil or Gas - Well - Supplies or Equipment Dealer - New - Store or Yard Only & Drivers  
8111Plumbers Supplies - Dealer & Drivers 
8116Farm Machinery Dealer - All Operations & Drivers 
8203Ice - Dealer & Drivers  
8203Ice - Mfg.  
8209Vegetable Packing & Drivers  
8215Feed, Fertilizer, Hay, or Grain Dealer & Local Managers, Drivers - No Mfg.  
8227Construction or erection Permanent Yard  
8227Concrete - Forms - Reconditioning and Leasing  
8232Concrete - Ready-Mix Dealer & Yard Employees, Drivers  
8232Home Improvement Center - All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers  
8232Lumber Yard - New Materials - All Other Employees  
8232Building Material Dealer - New Materials Only - All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers  
8232Fuel and Material Dealer NOC & Local Managers, Drivers  
8233Coal - Merchant & Local Managers, Drivers  
8235Sash, Door or Assembled Millwork - Dealer & Drivers  
8263Junk Dealer & Drivers  
8264Rubber - Stock Dealer - Used & Drivers  
8264Paper - Stock or Rag Dealer - Used & Drivers  
8264Bottle Dealer - Used & Drivers  
8264Container Recycling - Bottle or Can & Drivers  
8264Rag or Paper Stock Dealer - Used & Drivers  
8265Iron or Steel: Scrap Dealer & Drivers  
8279Club - Riding & Drivers  
8279Dog Show - Kennel Employees & Drivers  
8279Riding Academy or Club & Drivers  
8279Horse Show- Stable Employees & Drivers  
8279Livery or Boarding Stable - Not Sales Stable & Drivers  
8279Stable or Breeding Farm & Drivers  
8279Breeding Farm or Stable & Drivers  
8288Cattle Dealer & Salespersons, Drivers  
8288Stockyard Salespersons, Drivers  
8288Feed Lots - Cattle & Salespersons, Drivers  
8288Sales Stable & Salespersons, Drivers  
8288Livestock - Dealer or Commission Merchant & Salespersons, Drivers  
8291Warehousing - Cold Storage  
8291Storage Warehouse - Cold  
8292Warehousing NOC  
8292Storage Warehouse - NOC  
8350Oil or Gasoline Dealer & Drivers  
8350Solvent Dealers - Bulk & Drivers  
8380Automobile - Leasing Company - Long-term: All Other Employees & Drivers  
8380Automobile Sales/Service Parts Employees  
8380Gasoline Station - NOC - Retail  
8380Automobile Service/Repair Center  
8380Rubber Tire Dealer - Retail & Drivers  
8380Automobile - Muffler - Installation or Repair & Drivers  
8380Truck - Leasing - Long-term: All Other Employees & Drivers  
8380Storage Battery Service Station & Drivers  
8380Automobile - Car Wash & Drivers  
8380Air Conditioning Systems - Automobile - Installation, Service or Repair  
8381Gasoline Station - Self Service Only - Retail  
8385Bus Company - Garage Employees  
8385Limousine Company - Garage Employees  
8385Truck - Rental: Garage Employees  
8392Automobile Storage Garage or Parking Station  
8392Automobile - Parking Lot  
8393Automobile - Body Repair  
8500Metal - scrap Dealer & Drivers  
8601Surveyor - Land Surveying 
8601Oil or Gas - Geologist or Scout 
8601Architect or Engineer - Consulting 
8601Air Conditioning Systems - Airflow Testing and Balancing Exclusively  
8720Boiler - Inspection  
8720Inspection of Risks for Insurance or Valuation Purposes NOC  
8720Elevator - Inspecting  
8721Real Estate Appraisal Company - Outside Employees  
8742Claim Adjusters or Special Agents - Insurance Co. 
8742Real Estate Agency - Outside Employees & Collectors 
8742Salespersons, Collectors, Messengers - Outside 
8745News Agent or Distributor of Magazines or Other Periodicals - Not Retail Dealer & Salespersons, Drivers  
8748Automobile - Leasing Company - Long-term: Salespersons  
8748Truck - Leasing - Long-term: Sales Employees  
8748Automobile - Salespersons  
8755Labor Union - All Employees  
8800Letter Service Shop 
8800Addressing or Mailing Company & Clerical 
8803Accountant, Auditor or Factory Cost or Office Systematizer - Traveling 
8803Computer Systems Design or Programming - Traveling 
8810Banks and Trust Companies  
8810Drafting Employees - Office Duties Only 
8810Computer Systems Design or Programming - Office 
8810Public Library or Museum - Professional Employees  
8810Clerical Office Employees NOC 
8820Attorney - All Employees 
8820Law Office - All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers  
8824Retirement Living Centers - Health Care Employees  
8825Retirement Living Centers - Food Service Employees  
8826Retirement Living Centers - All Other Employees & Salespersons, Drivers  
8831Pet Grooming & Drivers  
8831Artificial Insemination of Cattle - Professional Employees  
8832Dentist and Clerical 
8832Physician and Clerical 
8833Banks and Trust Companies - Dispensaries  
8833Hospital- Professional Employees  
8868College - Professional Employees & Clerical 
8868School - Professional Employees & Clerical - 1st Grade and Up Only 
8868Religious Organization - Professional Employees  
8871Clerical Telecommuter Employees  
8901Telephone or Telegraph Co.: Office or Exchange Employees & Clerical 
9012Condominiums or Cooperatives: Professional Employees, Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons  
9014Buildings - Operations by Contractors  
9015Condominiums or Cooperatives: All Other Employees  
9015Buildings - Operations - By Owner, Lessee, or Real Estate Management Firm - All Other Employees  
9019Tunnel - Vehicular - or Bridge Operations & Drivers  
9040Hospital- All Other Employees  
9044Casino Gambling - Hotel - All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers  
9052Motel, Motor Court, Tourist Court, Cabins - All Other Employees  
9052Hotel - All Other Employees  
9058Commissary Work - Restaurant Employees  
9058Motel, Motor Court, Tourist Court, Cabins - Restaurant Employees  
9058Hotel - Restaurant Employees  
9060Club - Country, Golf, Fishing, Yacht & Clerical  
9061Sorority or Fraternity Houses & Clerical  
9061Club NOC  
9082Restaurant NOC 
9083Restaurant- Fast Food  
9083Doughnut Shop - Retail 
9089Billiard Hall  
9093Bowling Lane  
9093Roller-Skating Rink Operation  
9101College - All Other Employees 
9101Public Library or Museum - All Other Employees 
9101School - All Other Employees 
9101Religious House of Worship: All Other Employees & Drivers  
9101Religious Organization - All Other Employees  
9154Theater - Drive-In - All Employees  
9154Dinner Theater NOC - All Other Employees  
9154Theatre - All Other Employees  
9156Dinner Theater NOC - Players  
9156Theatre - Players, Entertainers or Musicians  
9182Athletic Team or Park - Operations & Drivers  
9220Cemetery Operations & Drivers  
9410Municipal, Township, County or State Employee NOC  
9501Sign Mfg. - Wood - Painting, Spraying, Sandblasting With or Without Power Machinery & Drivers  
9501Sign Painting or Lettering - Inside of Buildings & Drivers  
9501Sign Mfg. - Plastic or Vinyl Computer-Generated Letters or Graphics - Painting or Using Power Machinery  
9501Painting: Shop Only  
9505Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg. - Painting  
9505Painting - Automobile or Carriage Bodies  
9516Radio, Television, Video and Audio Equipment Installation, Services or Repair and Drivers  
9516Television, Radio, Video and Audio Equipment Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers  
9516Automobile - Radio, Television, Video and Audio Equipment Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers  
9519Air Conditioning Systems - Portable Units - Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers  
9519Refrigeration - Domestic - Cleaning, Oiling or Adjusting & Drivers  
9519Refrigeration - Domestic - Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers  
9519Household- Appliances- Electrical- Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers  
9521Draperies or Curtains - Installation in Public Buildings from Floor or Stepladders  
9521Advertising Display Installation Service  
9521Upholstering - Away From Shop  
9521House Furnishing Installation NOC  
9522Burial Garment Mfg. And Casket or Coffin Upholstering  
9522Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg. - Upholstering  
9522Furniture - Upholstering  
9522Casket or Coffin - Upholstering and Burial Garment Mfg.  
9534Bell Installation - Tower & Drivers  
9554Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal or Replacement NOC - Away From Shop & Drivers  
9554Sign Painting or Lettering - Outside of Buildings or Structures & Drivers  
9586Barber- Shop, Beauty Parlor or Hair Styling Salon  
9620Undertaker & Drivers  
9620Crematory Operation & Drivers  
9620Funeral Director & Drivers