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Get Real Time/download

PIA supports the Get Real Time/Download effort. Adopting real time in your agency is not a luxury—it's a necessity to remain competitive.

Agency system companies spend much time and money to enable real-time transactions. They know that a modern, real-time workflow is essential to the agency distribution channel.

Now, the challenge is for every agency to make the real time commitment. Does it seem daunting? No time? That's exactly why it's so important.

Save time

  Every hour you spend taking a proactive approach to get real time in your agency will be returned many times over to you and your co-workers. Check out the AUGIE findings by actual agency volunteers who discovered that real time often lets them do, in just seconds(!), routine tasks requiring minutes to complete by other means. (See Head-to-head comparison, below.)
Save money
  Agencies that embrace real time and download can save money and provide faster, better customer service.
How much money?

Head-to-head comparison. Time is money. AUGIE volunteers ran a comparison between manual, proprietary Web site and real-time processing for various frequently executed transactions. Results? 25-75 percent faster with real time.

Run YOUR numbers. AUGIE provides an Excel worksheet to figure your own potential savings:

Getting started
Not sure where your agency's implementation of real time stands?

Find out:
  • what real-time transactions each company enable;
  • what real-time tools your agency management system provides;
  • who in your agency is using real-time transactions:
    • by company, by transaction, or
    • by individual
  • how (workflow) each real-time transaction is actually done:
    • by company, by transaction, or
    • by individual

Taking this inventory is a great way to get started! Then, bring everyone together to share knowledge and agree on agency standards for optimum workflows.

For more on implementing real time, see “The Independent Agent's Real Time Implementation Guide.”

Don't forget download!
A real-time transaction is not complete until a round-trip is made and the company downloads confirmation and updated data to your agency management system. Personal lines download is way ahead of commercial lines—but you can see the results for yourself. Now, what if you could enjoy the same ease of doing business for commercial lines?

Companies are working hard to improve the accuracy of their commercial download. If it's been awhile since you gave them a chance to show what they can do—or if you're still waiting “till the bugs are out”—check out AUGIE's practical guide to implementing commercial download.

Real-time tools


AMS Transact NOW
Transact Now uses a real-time, single-entry workflow to process carrier interface transactions

AMS Transact NOW carriers/transactions

AMS SETWrite real-time, comparative rating

AMS SETWrite integrates with ChoicePoint


Transformation Station

Transformation Station carriers/transactions
Personal lines
Commercial lines

Batch interface download/upload

Applied Systems

Transformation Station, integrated in Applied Systems' management systems, is a routing service that enables exchange of agency and carrier data over the Internet in real time, including real-time comparative rating.

Epic, TAM and Vision



Ebix supports Real Time using Transformation Station.


SeaPass enables agents and carriers to communicate in real-time using their existing systems for both submitting and receiving information for straight-through processing.


Appulate offers a data bridge (free of charge) that works with any agency management system.

Real-time comparative raters


IVANS Transformation Station

EZLynx is a Web-based agency portal that provides a single-data-entry point to generate rate quotes from multiple insurance companies sites.

FSC StoneRiver
FSC StoneRiver provides a single-entry solution that delivers guaranteed quotes from a broad range of insurance carriers.

SeaPass enables agents and carriers to communicate in real-time using their existing systems for both submitting and receiving information for straight-through processing.

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