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Contracts and agreements


Ownership of expirations
Do I have undisputed ownership of my expiration information, regardless of what my agency agreement says?...


Noncompete agreements
I’d like to have some of my key employees sign noncompete agreements. Is an agreement extending five years past employment too long?...


Covenants not to compete
I found covenant-not-to-compete language in a Florida producer contract, and I’d like to insert it into a Connecticut contract with a......


Subrogation receipts, ’loan receipts’
Could you give us a brief refresher course on subrogation receipts and what it means when our insured signs one?...


Binding restrictions
I just found out, after speaking with my underwriter that they suspended my binding authority upon completion of the development of the change......


Company seeking agents’ business data
What is the propriety of a company asking our agency to share with it information about the business we write with other companies?...


Carrier website agency agreements
Quite often when a carrier updates their website, there appears to be a contract or agreement that we must accept before advancing in their......


Book of business owner
In a carrier-agency relationship, does the book of business (client names, policy information and expirations) that the agency submits to the......


Binding authority
I have been getting notifications from my carriers all suspending my binding authority because of the storm that is coming. Can they just suspend......