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The Seven Triggers to yes for insurance agents:
Accelerated Learning System

Delivered via PDF Download

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''Excellent! Great insight on sales. I liked the array of tools, the different techniques. Time well spent! The triggers will give me better closing ratios and more success.''—Corey Redman, HMS Insurance Associates

7 Triggers to YES named 2008's #2 Best Small Business Book by Small Business Trends.
"...By far, THE most practical book on the subject on sales and marketing influence and persuasion. What makes this book stand out from others on the subject is its simple, applicable practicality for the small business owner..."

Persuasion: THE Critical Sales Skill

PIA and Russell Granger, founder of ProEd/Insurance Learning Systems, have partnered to offer The 7 Triggers to Yes for Insurance Agents: Accelerated learning system to PIA members.

Stunning new science will change the way you market, prospect, and close insurance sales. This is a complete new system to easily fill your prospect funnel, add premium and grow commissions and profit.

The 7 Triggers to Yes for Agents

  • A strategy, blueprint and action plan for marketing and sales success
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No "forget curve"-PDF document is on your computer 24/7
  • Content and interactive formats always available-review before each call

The Complete 7 Triggers to Yes for Agents System includes the following:

Module 1: Introduction: Persuading insurance clients and prospects produces profit and growth. Select your (CPO) Current Persuasion Opportunity .

Module 2: The Awesome Power of Persuasion: The world's greatest power is now yours - persuaders - and knowledgeable insurance reps - rule! Here's how.

Module 3: The Friendship Trigger: Activates trust and agreement through bonding.

Module 4: The Authority Trigger: Creates a perception of expertise that activates acceptance.

Module 5: The Consistency Trigger: Motivates consistency with past actions.

Module 6: The Reciprocity Trigger: Taps into the rationale that when you give, you get something back.

Module 7: The Contrast Trigger: Makes your request better than other available options.

Module 8: The Reason Why Trigger: Poses reasons that activate an automatic "Yes"

Module 9: The Hope Trigger: Instills positive expectations that deliver agreement.

Module 10: Persuasion Targets: You can reach insurance sales goals only when you determine precisely WHAT you want.

Module 11: Marketing & Prospecting: Unique insurance marketing systems to attract new clients.

Module 12: Persuasive Communication: Be a true communicator - it's not what the sender intends - it's what the receiver understands.

Module 13: Value Profiling: Learn what your insurance client really wants and values, then deliver.

Module 14: Persuasive Presentations: How to master any interaction with clients, prospects, underwriters, then plan, execute, get the Yes decision.

Module 15: Resolving Resistance: Don't take the bait; learn the 4 step process to resolve any objection.

Module 16: Closure: How to activate emotion based triggers to avoid the price based sale, and easily, quickly close.

Module 17: Wrap: Become a motivating force to achieve your highest policy count, premium, and commission goals.

INTERACTIVE FORM: 7 Triggers Presentation Outline. This interactive form can serve as a management tool to assess progress for the course. It will later be used to prepare for any/all client and prospect calls. It is a savable form, can be prepared for each client, recalled for each client contact, now and in the future.

The complete combination program, 7 Triggers to YES for Agents: Accelerated Learning System costs just $149.95 per participant and is delivered immediately via PDF download. An incredible bargain, one that will produce a huge return in marketing, prospecting and sales results. Order today, download the complete 17 units immediately, and learn to quickly, easily put more good premium - and profit on your books.

Agency Growth and Profit

It's Not What You Think

You have a soft market problem.

We have an answer.

Stunning new science will change the way you market, prospect, and close insurance sales.

This is a complete new system to easily fill your prospect funnel, add premium, grow commissions and profit.

Order The 7 Triggers to Yes For Agents to learn how it will help solve the soft market problems.

Powerful new science will change and accelerate the way you market, prospect, present and close insurance sales. It will add premium, commission and profit.

The 7 Triggers to YES for Agents: Accelerated Learning System teaches agents the seven triggers others universally employ to make quick, easy decisions. The new process is quickly grasped, easily understood, simple to put into practice. And it doesn't require big changes in sales training, process or execution. You can easily add this exciting new science to current systems and reap immediate agency sales and income benefits.

Consulting for agencies reveals two major growth and profit problems:

1. Their marketing plan, systems and tools.

2. How they present insurance products and services to that market.

Virtually every agency requesting sales help says, " we need help with our closing process - we are just not closing enough sales." It's obvious that they are not closing enough sales for productive growth, but they mistakenly believe closing skills are the answer to low production, lack of new business and inefficient cross selling.

Closing is never their problem. They simply do not know how to market their agency. If they do get sufficient prospects through good marketing, they don't know how to present products and services in a way that makes the close easy, automatic.

Let's look at the most critical issue for insurance sales. To close easily and effectively, insurance sales presentations should be based on great logic, good rationality, key data and critical facts, right?

WRONG! While logic and reason define how most insurance "Quotes" are made, it's now scientifically documented to be the wrong approach. This approach is not only self-defeating, it invites the cost based comparisons we hate. This is the absolute worst way to persuade people to say YES to your insurance products and services proposal.

Breakthrough advances in live brain imaging technology combined with mega computers provide a much clearer picture of what motivates decision behavior. For the first time in history we can watch in real time, the brain's amazing decision making functions. We can provide a decision request and see the blood, oxygen and neuron flows as they light up specific areas of the brain. Today's neuroscientists recently learned that we've been persuading decisions with the wrong approach for some 2500 years!

What they learned is best summarized from the book and PBS Series , The Secret Life of the Brain

"We are not thinking machines—

We are Feeling Machines that think!"

Until now we followed Aristotle's fourth century BCE persuasion writings and based our presentations on good logic, facts and reason. To our amazement, we now document that the brain's emotional centers, not rational centers are the focal points for almost all decisions. Breakthrough research documents not only how we make decisions, but how we easily and quickly activate other's decision triggers.

The 7 Triggers to YES for Agents: Accelerated Learning System teaches agents the seven triggers others universally employ to make quick, easy decisions. This marketing and sales education program is an outstanding combination of the best elements of the tried, tested and internationally documented PRISMS for Agents program and the key elements of The 7 Triggers to YES McGraw-Hill book by Russ Granger.

It is available in an easily downloadable PDF format. It resides on your computer 24/7, meaning skills and information can be accessed before any sales call. The course includes an interactive Triggers presentation outline form that can be applied to every call.

Complete System for Insurance Agents —includes 17 Modules plus the interactive Triggers Presentation Outline form. Delivered as PDF document download.

(External secure link, KAGI affiliate site for purchase.)


Affordable for PIA members! Agents have paid $795 for just part of this program-complete, combined program now downloadable for only $149.95.

Combines all elements of PRISMS with dynamic new persuasion science from the McGraw-Hill book The 7 Triggers to Yes by Russell H. Granger. With international accolades and endorsed by major direct writers, by The Institutes for CPCU, IIABA , PIA, and other agent associations, agents have paid as much as $700 to attend PRISMS For Agents workshops conducted by IIABA and PIA. And these didn't include The 7 Triggers to YES ! The combination will now dramatically increase your insurance sales for only $149.95. To immediately increase your income, order now!


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