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Certified Insurance Service Representatives national designation program

The CISR program is a CE credit-approved, nationally recognized designation program that takes a practical, hands-on approach to learning. This designation is recognized nationwide as an important credential—one that benefits individuals, their agencies, and their customers.

The CISR designation program includes nine course offerings. To earn the CISR designation, participants must attend class and pass exams for 5 of the 9 courses. However, anyone is welcome to attend the classes without taking the exams. There is no special order in which courses must be taken. If you are more familiar with a given topic, you may want to begin with that course. The five courses/exams required for the CISR designation must be complete within 3 years.

Developed by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, students who are committed to continuing education and career growth can obtain the highest level of professional insurance education. This uniquely powerful training is designed to help you conquer the challenges of today by making customer service representatives more professional, more productive and more profitable. The CISR program is offered in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut exclusively by PIA.

Visit the National Alliance for more information on this designation program.

CISR courses

Customers won't forget an account manager or CSR who has the CISR designation— because they deliver service that is truly noticeable. The CISR program is for all insurance personnel who make customer service their priority.

Advanced learning options

CISR Elite—If you hold the CISR designation and pass the other four CISR course exams, you will earn the CISR Elite designation! These additional passes must be achieved in a three year time frame. Obtaining the status of being a CISR Elite is evidence of commitment to the agency, the client, and the participant's personal growth. Earning the CISR Elite designation represents increased specialized knowledge, increases earning power, enhances professional status and creates more value for your agency or company.

William T. Hold Seminars—Exclusive, advanced training for experienced CSRs. Developed especially for CISRs as part of the Founders Series, these innovative one-day courses are special advanced learning opportunities for insurance professionals. William T. Hold Seminars are open to all CSRs.

Dynamics of Service^UM—Give your customer service personnel the tools they need to succeed! Dynamics of Service is consistently one of our highest-rated programs. Participants repeatedly tell us how this one-day course transformed their lives immediately when back on the job. And how much FUN it was to attend. Difficult personalities are one of the realities of doing business. Dynamics of Service helps overcome the annoyance you feel during these encounters-by learning behavioral styles and effective ways to communicate. You can learn a process that leads to satisfied and loyal customer relationships-which leads to greater retention rates.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a CISR course cost?

CISR early bird fee: $185. Within three business days of a program, the fee is $195. Fee includes refreshments, instruction and materials.

What is PIA's cancellation, transfer and no-show policy?

  • If more than three business days prior to program: Cancellations/transfers are fully refundable.
  • If less than three business days: Cancellations/transfers incur fees of $100 for CIC programs, $25 for CISR, CPIA or full-day programs and $15 for half-day programs.
  • If up to five days after program: No-show transfers incur the following fees-- $100 for CIC programs, $25 for CISR CPIA or full-day programs and $15 for half-day programs.

What is CISR Elite?

If you completed Insuring Commercial Casualty Exposures (available prior to Commercial Casualty I and Commercial Casualty II), you may earn the CISR Elite status by passing either Commercial Casualty I or Commercial Casualty II, but not both. What is CISR Elite? By attending annual updates, a current CISR can earn update credit, state CE credit, and credit towards the CISR Elite distinction. A CISR must attend and pass all nine CISR courses—in class or online, to earn the status of CISR Elite. The additional four CISR courses and exams must be completed within three calendar years.

What are a few of my options for meeting the National Alliance's CISR update requirement?

  • Any one of the CISR courses
  • Any one-day William T. Hold Seminar
  • A one-day Dynamics of Service program.
  • An entire 2 1/2 day CRM course or CIC institute earns up to two years of update credit.

Student feedback—CISR program participants are encouraged to contact the Glenmont National Alliance Committee with recommendations, comments and concerns about the programs. Committee members are listed on one of the front pages of your CISR course booklet.