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State and National Legislative Representation
Through PIA’s Company Rating Tracking Service, you receive timely alerts, which allow you to stay on top of the latest changes for your specific carriers without any extra effort!

PIA members who participate in the PIA company representation survey will receive special alerts updating their agency about rating and outlook changes to their represented carriers. Alerts will come directly by email when one of your represented carriers’ A.M. Best rating or outlook changes—eliminating extra research to reduce your workload. This alert service is a product of PIA, and is not affiliated with any service provided by A.M. Best Co.

Make sure you provide PIA with a list of the carriers you represent to stay informed and reap the rewards of this member benefit. Send an email to PIA’s Industry Resource Center at resourcecenter@pia.org to update your carrier list today!

Contact PIA’s Industry Resource Center:
Phone: (800) 424–4244
Fax: (888) 225–6935
Email: resourcecenter@pia.org