From logos and letterhead to complete strategic campaigns, Creative Services, writes, designs and produces original and on-target promotion, always building on a fundamental understanding of the insurance business—for a fraction of what you'd pay an outside firm.

Topical post cards and brochures

PIA Creative Services offers a full line of self-mailing brochures (complete with business reply cards for cross-selling) and related over-sized post cards—all ready to personalize with your logo and contact information. And, don't forget, all of PIA's consumer materials also are available in Spanish.

Choose from the following topics:

■ "An employer’s obligations under Connecticut workers’ compensation law" (Brochure)
■ Flood insurance (Brochure | Post card) ■ Personal-lines exposures survey (Brochure)
■ Property loss checklist (Brochure) ■ Disaster supply kit (Brochure | Post card)
■ "Understanding your policy" (Brochure) ■ Home inventory (Brochure | Post card)
■ N.Y. primary disclosure (Flier | Brochure) ■ "Go with a pro" (Brochure | Post card)
■ Health exchange retention (Brochure: N.Y., N.J., Conn., N.H.)
■ companion (Post card)

Pricing details

Quantity Two-color brochures Four-color brochures
250 $177 $398
500 $215 $483
750 $249 $560
1,000 $287 $646
1,500 $347 $781
2,000 $407 $915
2,500 $471 $1,060
Quantity Two-color post cards Four-color post cards
250 $124 $223
500 $151 $272
750 $178 $320
1,000 $205 $369
1,500 $252 $453
2,000 $300 $540
2,500 $348 $626

Artwork setup fee

In addition to quantity cost there will be a $20 setup fee for the business reply card and self mailer artwork. For agencies driving home their message with both brochure and post card mailings, we will waive the second artwork setup fee.

Mailing option

For a $35 setup fee, plus postage and handling, PIA can take care of the mailing for you. We will bill for the mailing of your pieces after they have been mailed. Please submit your mailing list on disk, saved as a tab-delimited text file. Newsletters will be mailed from the Glenmont, N.Y. post office as presorted standard mail.

Business reply card

If you have a business reply card permit, please submit the permit number as well as the city, state and ZIP + 4. If no permit is available, we offer a courtesy reply card, with which the customers would pay the return postage.

Mailing information

For the mailing panel, please provide the exact name of company and the return address that should be used.

Phone: (800) 424-4244 • Email: